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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 37 - BACK TO THE BASE

  • Publicado em 10 Mai 2023
  • Hermitcraft 9: Episode 37 - BACK TO THE BASE.. The time has come.. to find a loophole
    #minecraft #hermitcraft

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  • @theblackunicorn261

    You can hear the spike in fear in Grian's voice when he realises Doc is a man who built an orbital strike cannon

  • @mrsbasia122

    Doc: the worst thing that could happen is something blowing up here.

  • @balinmiller

    Grian is the pinnacle of adhd... requiring a threat of blown up base to finish the back

  • @radiocats2920

    I just want to say it's so wonderful that the Closed Captions are labeled both in color but also to start with who is speaking. Being able to watch the video in the same fashion as others even if you can't hear is genuinely so sweet.

  • @lydia5002
    @lydia5002  +978

    Grain just stands there like a tired parent. He doesn't even run from the TNT until he can get out a "Oh... Scar."

  • @aresthedino

    I love when Gem and Impulse just show up, shaking their heads at

  • @lextheap1638

    Favorite part of this is from Docs perspective " Grian didn't even finish the back of the pile"

  • @zackmarkham4240

    I love how the server NEVER LEARNS to NEVER leave Grian and Scar alone, EVER! XD Such good content!

  • @rb_exists
    @rb_exists  +536

    Grian: Haven’t I suffered enough?

  • @vinogaunkoks

    I want to give a moment to appreciate the quality of grains subtitles. They're clear, understandable, don't need extraordinary context and I can watch anywhere with the same quality of life when watching at home or with headphones. Thank you for putting so much detail into something so minor!

  • @chipiix_
    @chipiix_  +333

    this is probably one of the most stress inducing episodes i’ve seen in a while

  • @jamesedwardlabonete6359

    In doc's perspective he was genuinely happy (albeit confused) that they asked for a base tour

  • @All54321

    I love Grian and Scar’s first instincts to try to pacify Doc is just to constantly compliment him.

  • @alonosh7184

    This pure unadulterated

  • @gerudolink

    i love how grian is family friendly and notices that some of us are older. so he ages up the audience. by far the best minecraft youtuber. aswell as mumbo. they share a braincell.

  • @darkfire090

    love how the 'we're sorry' is a lovely green for scar and grian, but blood red for doc cause of the tomato re-skin xD

  • @bookies24k8

    impulse and gem spent a WHILE together trying to figure out how to make the timer last long enough i have no doubts it was fully ready to go off.

  • @cant_help_myself

    Grain is one of those people when it says walk in a straight line he draws two straight lines and walks inside them.

  • @HaganeKitsune

    Mumbo: makes a secure vault door with secret access

  • @TugiDeg
    @TugiDeg  +20

    It's good to know that you've made enemies with the person who has a doomsday scenario planned out on Hermitcraft. He has an orbital anvil machine that can spray anvils all over the map, and if you still have the mod, constantly crash your game.