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Playing Minecraft's WEIRDEST Update...

  • Publicado em 10 Abr 2023
  • Minecraft had a joke update added in early April and it turns out it's amazing..
    Smallishbeans: / smallishbeans
    Lizzie: / ldshadowlady
    Gem: / @geminitaymc
    impulseSV: / impulsesv
    SolidarityGaming: / solidaritygaming
    Skizzleman: / mcskizzleman
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  • @Captain.Mystic
    @Captain.Mystic 7 meses atrás +12222

    The fact that as soon as people realized the potential of players colliding with each other they immediately make the infamous player stack shows that people just like making big stacks of things.

    • @ahuman388
      @ahuman388 7 meses atrás +577

      I mean, this is 2 of the people who’s first thought in season 8 was to make a stack of boats with them in them.

    • @MrScorpianwarrior
      @MrScorpianwarrior 7 meses atrás +235

      @@ahuman388 You mean a boatem pole?

    • @venomark7883
      @venomark7883 7 meses atrás +99

      Now the Hermitpole

  • @redtrovert6847
    @redtrovert6847 7 meses atrás +5170

    They should definitely make a life series focused around on this update, reset the votes every session

  • @ef1876
    @ef1876 7 meses atrás +1594

    I love these silly one off videos that just consist of Grian having fun with friends and trying out various Minecraft mechanics! I really hope we get more videos like this in the future

  • @Squish_Squash
    @Squish_Squash 7 meses atrás +357

    I think grian getting the advancement jingle while looking at the minecraft earth at 13:53 was actually kinda beautiful

  • @amirshlomolavan
    @amirshlomolavan 7 meses atrás +1006

    "Think of the detail you could have with this much cheese" is a sentence i thought i'd never hear, especially not from grian

  • @sethsmith2608
    @sethsmith2608 7 meses atrás +2487

    fun fact, applying dream mode in this update makes the world seem magical with glowing and mist, but more importantly, it increases ender pearl rates from piglin bartering by 20%. lol
    thx for 1.8k likes btw

  • @thatkhan
    @thatkhan 7 meses atrás +3141

    Timmy being the last one to the moon and arriving just when everyone left is peak comedic timing

    • @wildernesstorm830
      @wildernesstorm830 7 meses atrás +76

      And so on brand 😂

    • @paranoidpumpkin98
      @paranoidpumpkin98 7 meses atrás +6

      Fr 😂😂

    • @wires-sl7gs
      @wires-sl7gs 7 meses atrás +45

      They even ended the video without him, lol

    • @plainmz
      @plainmz 7 meses atrás +1


    • @SnowLily06
      @SnowLily06 7 meses atrás +16

      ​​@@plainmz he is a man of many names Grian is actually the only one who calls him Timmy

  • @FiskurPlayzAlt
    @FiskurPlayzAlt 7 meses atrás +767

    When playing it, I voted for the big moon, and the part about consequences made me think of hermitcraft season 8, so I love how Grian also pointed this out!

    • @yaboycjm5581
      @yaboycjm5581 7 meses atrás +16

      Moon big?

    • @iamaylacat3935
      @iamaylacat3935 7 meses atrás +37

      Considering that there is at least one other reference to a Minecraft BRclip series, I'd say its entirely possible that it was an intentional nod to Hermitcraft.

    • @epsilad
      @epsilad 7 meses atrás +14

      @@iamaylacat3935 what is the other reference ?

    • @iamaylacat3935
      @iamaylacat3935 7 meses atrás +20

      @@epsilad Dream cheating in speedruns - the life is a dream option under the voting makes changes that were found in some of them.

    • @epsilad
      @epsilad 7 meses atrás +4

      @@iamaylacat3935 OHHH LOL

  • @B_Skizzle
    @B_Skizzle 7 meses atrás +220

    To provide some context, that first proposal is a reference to the skill system in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. In that game, you get better at certain things just by doing them a lot, and that includes running and jumping.

    • @cheerio3442
      @cheerio3442 4 meses atrás +4

      ohhh okay!
      i assumed it was also a joke about how in morrowind you move really slowly in relation to the world haha

    • @yetanother9127
      @yetanother9127 3 meses atrás +8

      To be more specific, you normally can't go above certain (fairly reasonable) values for the running and jumping skills, but it is possible to increase them beyond normal limits using enchantments and potions, hence the "powergamer" part.

  • @bennyl9228
    @bennyl9228 6 meses atrás +41

    the vote update is practically a compilation of features that the community has been begging for for YEARS (vertical slabs - cheese, place block & pickaxe block, colored lighting, etc.)

  • @somethingaboutbutterflies2059
    @somethingaboutbutterflies2059 7 meses atrás +334

    Im so glad more and more hermits are experimenting w one-off vids, and collabs to boot! Jimmy's always done really well w these and i get that each channel has their own content but sometimes i just wanna watch these endgame players rediscover minecraft all over again without having to restart a server or start a new series entirely, ykno?

  • @notchpoodles5864
    @notchpoodles5864 7 meses atrás +29

    Grian actually calling Jimmy Jimmy for once gives me whiplash cuz Grian and Martyn are just so committed to the bit that they rarely call him Jimmy

    @SP4CEBAR 7 meses atrás +3393

    Grian's "Guys is the moon big?!" reference was such a welcome surprise

    • @FiskurPlayzAlt
      @FiskurPlayzAlt 7 meses atrás +51

      I loved that moment!

    • @Voidbear_FNaF_and_Undertale
      @Voidbear_FNaF_and_Undertale 7 meses atrás +147

      I knew it was gonna happen the moment I knew that the moon can be bigged.

    • @jeepercreepers9
      @jeepercreepers9 7 meses atrás +59

      I saw it coming from a mile away but I still loved it

    • @A_Buster9693
      @A_Buster9693 7 meses atrás +74

      the big moon vote has to be a season 8 reference

    • @Voidbear_FNaF_and_Undertale
      @Voidbear_FNaF_and_Undertale 7 meses atrás +96

      @@A_Buster9693 yeah, I agree. Considering that they went far enough to reference Dream's cheating in the update (The "Life's a Dream" thing boosts your odds for Enderpearls and Blazerods like how Dream cheated)

  • @UpNextDonum
    @UpNextDonum 7 meses atrás +270

    I’d love more of these types of videos! Just silly hanging with friends in a world with like a mod/April fools update

    • @SomeoneNews
      @SomeoneNews 7 meses atrás +6

      It's kind of a shame comments like these don't get to be near the top of the comments because what you just said was genuinely so sweet

  • @knightlypoleaxe2501
    @knightlypoleaxe2501 7 meses atrás +211

    13:53 the reveal of Mincraft's earth along with the achievement sfx was goose-bump inducing.

  • @simpson6700
    @simpson6700 7 meses atrás +10

    mojang made an entire dimension out of a block that can be shaped in any way you'd want, meaning there are no performance issues with this tech. i'm going to be really mad if we don't get this as a replacement for stairs and slabs of all kind. this would also help with the inventory problem, as we don't need to carry all the variants of blocks anymore.

  • @sophiero2354
    @sophiero2354 7 meses atrás +337

    Lizzie: "The moon stopped!"
    Joel: "Yeah. That's cause it's the sun."

  • @Nexor1
    @Nexor1 7 meses atrás +615

    9:02 “Stop riding me guys and milk me “-Joel 2023

  • @CURSEDvids
    @CURSEDvids 7 meses atrás +6802

    Everyone: "We can milk things!"
    Grian: "wHeReS jOeL?"

  • @HumanoidDerpling
    @HumanoidDerpling 7 meses atrás +7

    Mojang puts way more effort into April Fools gags than their actual updates. Now we know why updates are so lackluster: they're constantly working on this.

  • @reekill_playlists
    @reekill_playlists 7 meses atrás +122

    Now imagine them doing another hardcore series like this.

  • @chong8040
    @chong8040 7 meses atrás +153

    I love how all of their dad laughs sync up

    • @missycat7598
      @missycat7598 7 meses atrás +27

      that is the most accurate description of their laughs that I’ve ever read

    • @4Rgames
      @4Rgames Mês atrás

      he's not a dad tho

  • @Senorgato029
    @Senorgato029 7 meses atrás +75

    The sheer chaos of the “update” fits grians chaotic nature quite well I must say

  • @TheAdvertisement
    @TheAdvertisement 5 meses atrás +9

    I love how they're so enthralled by entities and players colliding with each other while PE has had that as a toggleable feature for years.

  • @sebchambers7140
    @sebchambers7140 7 meses atrás +3977

    Now I just want to see grian make a massive full size moon base…

    • @mariofeds1101
      @mariofeds1101 7 meses atrás +206

      @repentandbelieveinJesusChrist9 bread of life... bread is made of grain... grian's nickname is grain, grian created the bad boy bread bridge... OH MY GOD! grian is jesus

    • @WowDaBug
      @WowDaBug 7 meses atrás +30

      @@mariofeds1101 LMAO

    • @veezerrscharnhorst
      @veezerrscharnhorst 7 meses atrás +4

      And crashed it

    • @d09e3.0
      @d09e3.0 7 meses atrás +3


    • @Optimus_Prime156
      @Optimus_Prime156 7 meses atrás +9

      Here before blow up

  • @doctordoctor7469
    @doctordoctor7469 7 meses atrás +34

    In Morrowind you could get the boots of blinding speed, which raised your speed by 200 (for reference 100 was the max normal) but made you blind. You could work around this by resisting the blindness and end up with very fast landspeed.

  • @catborgar9287
    @catborgar9287 7 meses atrás +65

    i would love to see a normal survival server with this crew

    • @golden-not
      @golden-not 7 meses atrás +3

      um are you joking

    • @pizzaguy_
      @pizzaguy_ 7 meses atrás +11

      Oh boy do i have the news for you!

    • @catborgar9287
      @catborgar9287 7 meses atrás +17

      for those who think i have LOST it, i mean a server with *all* of them, i know about empires and the life series and hc but none have ALL of them on

    • @TwilightChomperEnthusiast
      @TwilightChomperEnthusiast 7 meses atrás +2

      @@catborgar9287 Not their fault, from the way you worded your comment it sounded like you were neglecting the existence of the Hermitcraft server

    • @kingofthekoopas8857
      @kingofthekoopas8857 7 meses atrás +1

      @@catborgar9287 Technically there was the crossover. That had all of them

  • @z-rex8530
    @z-rex8530 7 meses atrás +14

    As a note, the Morrowind thing was a reference to The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, where you could make your run and jump stats unbelievably high and move too fast. Very good game, I highly recommend.

  • @DocHolliday572
    @DocHolliday572 7 meses atrás +78

    This would actually be a really cool update if they actually implemented it but you have the option to turn it on or off in settings so you can have all the fun

  • @cullenlatham2366
    @cullenlatham2366 7 meses atrás +37

    moon cows, cheese blocks, and the moon. All would seem like fun additions to the base game. If only one, make it cheese blocks. Hidden entrances in endstone structures. Details for builders, including the infamous vertical half slab. All it needs is some unique redstone interactions.

  • @franciswiemelt6367
    @franciswiemelt6367 7 meses atrás +1290

    Man, seeing a post from Grian always brings a smile to my face. Really brightens up my day. Keep up the awesome content :)

  • @Cortanis001
    @Cortanis001 7 meses atrás +30

    They really should keep this update as an optional thing for people to play around with.

    • @croweater78
      @croweater78 7 meses atrás

      is it not possible to play this update anymore?

  • @RhelrahneTheIdiot
    @RhelrahneTheIdiot 7 meses atrás +6

    I honestly think this should be given as a outright innate datapack option available by default, this is hysterical

  • @MaxwellCatAlphonk
    @MaxwellCatAlphonk 7 meses atrás +12

    I've seen Skizzle's episode already and just want to say; These 7 People should make this a permanent SMP with every 2 weeks or so a new person joining

  • @aksoldarkwind2345
    @aksoldarkwind2345 7 meses atrás +7

    The Morrowind vote was hilarious. Anyone who EVER played that game knows how how calamitously fun it was to juice your speed and acrobatics into the thousands.

  • @DecidueyeOfDoom
    @DecidueyeOfDoom 7 meses atrás +10

    I'd love to see an SMP where they actually play the game seriously, on this snapshot.

  • @shatteredaxis9650
    @shatteredaxis9650 7 meses atrás +2121

    Grian and the gang getting up to April shenanigans again, makes my day!

    • @TheAmyrlinSeat
      @TheAmyrlinSeat 7 meses atrás +11

      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ bro wth

    • @cazzabojangles
      @cazzabojangles 7 meses atrás +4

      Aries season is in its prime

    • @gtc239
      @gtc239 7 meses atrás +4

      ​Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Sussy Jee.

    • @inevra4053
      @inevra4053 7 meses atrás +2

      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ never

    • @ShiningStarlight101
      @ShiningStarlight101 7 meses atrás +2

      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ look, believe in whatever religion you want. It's your life, do with it what you want. But i dont think trying to force religion on people watching a minecraft video is the most appropiate

  • @randomnessatitsfinest6089
    @randomnessatitsfinest6089 7 meses atrás +10

    I wish they had blocks like cheese officially like maybe a sculpture block or maybe a sculpting station that you could mold any block your self for more detail.

  • @Schmedricks
    @Schmedricks 7 meses atrás +22

    It's great to see Skizz be featured! He deserves the world!

  • @Vegeta_SuperSaiyanGod

    i love when all the Hermits/Life players are together doing stuff just having fun i can watch this forever. there doesnt have to be like aplanned bit or anything simple friends being together heaving a good time is enough to make it entertaining. i feel like we need more of this in hermitcraft i mean the epic builds are cool but the real reason we watch is to see you guys together on the server becuase thats the whole point of being on a server together. we watch YOU becuase we like who YOU are we dont need a special bit just being YOU is enough

  • @LDaemontus
    @LDaemontus 7 meses atrás +26

    This needs to become an official mode of Minecraft. This is such a good April Fools update.

  • @gwenethp511
    @gwenethp511 7 meses atrás +4

    Grian quoting the "I love you, say it back" meme from Timmy and Scott's interaction is hilarious.

  • @NuclearPikachu7914
    @NuclearPikachu7914 7 meses atrás +689

    This update is so awesome! I've said this on Skizz's, Joel's, Jimmy's, and Impulse's videos already, but I would love for this to be an actual series!

    • @AtomicSuperMe
      @AtomicSuperMe 7 meses atrás +50

      this with like life set up could be really interesting, especially since you get a lot of different things to vote on, having a lot of people to vote differently would make it work a little more as intended

    • @mikah439
      @mikah439 7 meses atrás

      @@AtomicSuperMe less op stuff tho

  • @Zenologia4673
    @Zenologia4673 7 meses atrás +6

    This is the exact level of chaos I’d expect from this group. I love it.

  • @Emerl18
    @Emerl18 7 meses atrás +5

    This update had better be the developers testing stuff so they can actually add it, because I'm going to be beyond pissed if they can make things like this and choose not to for official updates.

  • @BasickingYT
    @BasickingYT 7 meses atrás +5

    I’ve been enjoying these side videos so much compared to the hermitcraft series. It’s nice to have fresh air!

  • @CoryTheCoder
    @CoryTheCoder 7 meses atrás +22

    10:32 vertical slabs combined with horizintal slabs, stairs, upside down stairs, and corner stairs makes the game "basically be 1/8th block at a time instead of one block at a time" according to Mojang, which is one of the things that make Minecraft, Minecraft.

    • @flamingosoup6375
      @flamingosoup6375 7 meses atrás +3

      that makes absolutely zero sense

    • @mbcmechachu
      @mbcmechachu 7 meses atrás

      if they can add cherry trees despite them saying that the leaves off set all the other green leaves then this inclusion might have a chance in the near future.

    • @theworm7156
      @theworm7156 5 meses atrás

      Your point makes no sense whatsoever

    • @CoryTheCoder
      @CoryTheCoder 5 meses atrás +1

      @@mbcmechachu that sounds like a very minor thing that they probably wouldn't think of putting in their top secret game dev book

  • @CanadaPlayz48
    @CanadaPlayz48 7 meses atrás +11

    I cant tell whether the big moon vote is a reference to Season 8 or it was just some random idea Mojang came up with

  • @dariotitus5853
    @dariotitus5853 7 meses atrás +700

    As someone who played Morrowind growing up, the beginning was an immediate rush of nostalgia and joy

    • @U2PrideITNOL
      @U2PrideITNOL 7 meses atrás +15

      can you explain what exactly it was a reference to? is it an exploit with potions or a popular glitch or something?

    • @derpiderpi6761
      @derpiderpi6761 7 meses atrás +31

      ​@@U2PrideITNOL Morrowind is elder scrolls 3

    • @RomanusVII
      @RomanusVII 7 meses atrás +91

      Yeah you can get your stats so high that you can jump from one side of the map to the other and still live. It’s exploity as hell but it’s pretty easy to do with a decent amount of levels into alchemy.

    • @U2PrideITNOL
      @U2PrideITNOL 7 meses atrás +6

      @@derpiderpi6761 hey, thanks, but I knew that

    • @U2PrideITNOL
      @U2PrideITNOL 7 meses atrás +7

      @@RomanusVII very cool, thank you for explaining

  • @CruzingRound
    @CruzingRound 7 meses atrás

    Man, haven’t watched Grian in a while. Been like three years since I’ve really watched him. Glad he’s doing well.

  • @LOLSmileyFaceLawL
    @LOLSmileyFaceLawL 7 meses atrás +3

    I really want to see a limited life with some of these changes implemented 🤣 specifically colliding entities and the bobble heads!

  • @levilukeskytrekker
    @levilukeskytrekker 7 meses atrás

    Loved this, Grian! Great stuff, as always!

  • @rikuaotsuki6353
    @rikuaotsuki6353 7 meses atrás +1

    Just in case you have yet to get a good answer, Grian: Morrowind is The Elder Scrolls III, and it was infamous (and loved) for having incredibly abusable mechanics and scaling. For example, the effect and duration of potions scaled with Intelligence, so you could make an INT potion, drink it, make the same potion again for a better result, and repeat until you had a potion giving you gamebreaking INT for an effectively infinite duration.
    Similar exploits could be used to affect your ability to run and jump, and Morrowind had a pretty big map, so... Well, who DOESN'T like jumping halfway across the map, or running so fast that you can't actually tell where you're going?

  • @Rioluman10
    @Rioluman10 7 meses atrás +2

    Some of these features could honestly be really cool in a genuine update.

  • @mich705
    @mich705 7 meses atrás +300

    I would definetly love seeing this turn into a sub-series. Maybe A 5th Life Season using this update....🤔

  • @somejerkbag
    @somejerkbag 7 meses atrás +7

    This is so fun. Next season of the life series should have a randomizer with these things popping up all the time

  • @person.4027
    @person.4027 7 meses atrás +20

    I love Grain referencing (I think) Scott and Jimmy like “you have 30 seconds” “Alright, Love you” … “say it back”

  • @newcombrage7393
    @newcombrage7393 7 meses atrás +8

    If I had a nickel for every time grian was on a server where the moon grew, I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice…

  • @ziadconnolly057
    @ziadconnolly057 7 meses atrás +25

    10:45 biggest hope that this entire update wasnt a joke and will actually improve the game

  • @ariannebrodeur2997
    @ariannebrodeur2997 7 meses atrás +2

    Genuinely I think you gotta do a video building with the cheese, show what you can do with it. We gotta demand mojang add something like this because I cannot BELIEVE they'd tease us like this after all the "not possible" malarkey

  • @mattieice4785
    @mattieice4785 7 meses atrás +281

    I never, in a million years, thought I’d hear Grain mention “Morrowind.”

  • @EJCraftz
    @EJCraftz 7 meses atrás +2

    I would love to see all of you guys make a survival smp (with mumbo aswell) it would be endlessly funny.

  • @green-legacy
    @green-legacy 7 meses atrás +3

    i love how they not only made this work but made it fun 🤩

  • @YouTube
    @YouTube 7 meses atrás +62

    this is the funniest update 😭

    • @danielschabilion9435
      @danielschabilion9435 7 meses atrás +8

      BRclip why are you here?

    • @mysterm_official
      @mysterm_official 7 meses atrás +13

      Ah, BRclip. Always commenting on random videos every time.

    • @Knight-
      @Knight- 7 meses atrás +5

      Just 3 replies and 14 likes? Well more now I suppose

    • @FragTix
      @FragTix 7 meses atrás


    • @Nonsensecal
      @Nonsensecal 7 meses atrás +3

      youtube really is a grian stan

  • @MadHymek323
    @MadHymek323 7 meses atrás +5

    * I feel like this is the content Grian would regularly make if he wasn't restricted by societal norms

  • @1.21jiggawatts2
    @1.21jiggawatts2 7 meses atrás +12

    We need a part 2. There is so much to this update y’all haven’t even seen yet.
    Or how about “Elected Life”! Just the standard 3rd life rules, but on this snapshot of the game.

  • @kilowatt3514
    @kilowatt3514 7 meses atrás +119

    I had so much fun with this update. Love ya Grian, keep up the amazing work.

  • @Jokie155
    @Jokie155 7 meses atrás

    I miss player collision to be honest. And just more entity collision in general. I think it all got removed when they stopped developing a singleplayer-specific version of Minecraft and made it all based on the multiplayer one.

  • @Katie_Starz
    @Katie_Starz 7 meses atrás +7

    I love how Grian went up to Gem to tell her about the other squids being mean to him

  • @Majikn
    @Majikn 7 meses atrás +1

    Okay well the turning into animals thing is actually awesome and they really should put potions or spells or some kind of thing that lets you do that in the actual game.

  • @AmartharDrakestone
    @AmartharDrakestone 7 meses atrás +4

    At first I was like "How did they get away with using the Morrowind name?", then I remembered that they're both owned by Microsoft.

  • @gingerninjaaaa
    @gingerninjaaaa 7 meses atrás +4

    This update was so so fun and it was really funny to watch Grian and friends play it 😂

  • @waffles_1234
    @waffles_1234 7 meses atrás +323

    This update is so cool! I hope you make this a series

    • @alida6365
      @alida6365 7 meses atrás +8


    • @Powli
      @Powli 7 meses atrás +7

      It’s not an update it a snapshot

    • @KamariaArts
      @KamariaArts 7 meses atrás +8

      This is so funny, it would be hilarious if it was added as a series.

    • @Bradinator
      @Bradinator 7 meses atrás +8

      This is just a special, the April fools update won’t be relevant in a few weeks

    • @Clip_It1
      @Clip_It1 7 meses atrás +2


  • @HarmonyMoonbeam024
    @HarmonyMoonbeam024 7 meses atrás +2

    Ahh, It's season 8 all over again! This is great, I'm glad you guys decided to play this April Fools update❤I'm sure many other fans will make out of context vids of this😅

  • @WTZWBlaze
    @WTZWBlaze 7 meses atrás +1

    There needs to be some sort of mod or data pack that allows you to pick and choose which of these features stays in your world

  • @veraleffel2456
    @veraleffel2456 Mês atrás +2

    2:07 I like it how everyone has two focuses: get everyone to stack into a really tall tower and ignore Timmy.

  • @Dan-km8je
    @Dan-km8je 7 meses atrás +1

    there's so much available content in this update i really hope people keep making videos on it

  • @frosty7832
    @frosty7832 7 meses atrás +2

    Tragic that they didn't find out about any of the other things in the update, they also didn't find the VERY unique structure that spawns on the moon.

  • @HanTheNah
    @HanTheNah 7 meses atrás +137

    Saw Joel's POV of this - excited to see what transpires now!

    • @prtotypekot
      @prtotypekot 7 meses atrás +5

      Don't Read My Profile Picture I will never give you up for what you've done to me...

  • @katsgotyourtongue2504
    @katsgotyourtongue2504 7 meses atrás +1

    This was fun start to finish! I really enjoyed this group of people :D its fun to watch you guys joke and fiddle about!

  • @Number1PickleballPlayer
    @Number1PickleballPlayer 7 meses atrás

    I love the chaotic character of this video. No script no nothing. ❤ stay awesome grian

  • @therealperegrine
    @therealperegrine 7 meses atrás +2

    It's so painful to watch Grian not understand that it's not voting or not voting, but that it is between options. xD

  • @spectorofgreen
    @spectorofgreen 6 meses atrás +2

    "Think of the detail you can have with this much cheese." - Grian 2023
    Idk why but I love this sentence

  • @FatelysOfficial
    @FatelysOfficial 7 meses atrás

    This looked superfun! Really liked the space cows and the bubble heads.

  • @sleepy_zeepy
    @sleepy_zeepy 7 meses atrás +27

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  • @ERROR-yg3uy
    @ERROR-yg3uy 7 meses atrás +1

    Today I've seen soo much potential of all this features!? Imagine if this can be an actual feature in the game itself, I'm more surprised about the entity collusion that you can ride in any mob imagine if this can be toggled in the future and cheese block, the cheese block have soo much potential that this could actually changed the entire building mechanic in the next level.

  • @KevSB07
    @KevSB07 7 meses atrás +3

    FYI, the "Life is a dream" proposal actually has a large number of effects, including increasing the player's luck, and increasing the odds of blazes dropping rods and piglins trading pearls :)
    :) i'm sure we all understand the reference now

    @JWHSHK 7 meses atrás

    So nice to see half of the Limited Life (ep6) gang getting together to play some foolish updates.

  • @eloquentornot
    @eloquentornot 7 meses atrás +2

    Brilliant chaos! I love this year's snapshot, the Moon Big part has even more extreme versions where it's so big it lifts you up after a certain time of night, that was how I got to the moon! There are so many different ways... I hope they add the moon dimension for real one day!

  • @krayman77777
    @krayman77777 7 meses atrás +2

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  • @BGTech1
    @BGTech1 7 meses atrás +1

    Does anyone remember the update for Java sometime back in 2015 or 2016 where they changed the names of items, titles and other things? I believe they changed it back to the original sometime after. But one that I do remember was when you died, it would say “you kicked the bucket” instead of “you died”

  • @KevinChaires
    @KevinChaires 7 meses atrás +3

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    @vogelvrouw Mês atrás

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