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Secret Life: Episode 3 - DOUBLE LIFE?

  • Publicado em 2 Nov 2023
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    Welcome to the next life series, secret life! We have 30 hearts per life, no regen and a whole bunch of secrets! If you would like to suggest a task, leave it in the comments! Remember we are looking for social interactions and funny content.
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Comentários • 8 mil

  • ternera
    ternera 27 dias atrás +3434

    Bigb is absolutely cracking me up, I enjoy Grian’s confusion way too much

  • @lordflarus
    @lordflarus 25 dias atrás +870

    I love how when Grian says “Mumbo, get me outta here” he just rides off without hesitation. True friendship.

  • @halahalo9917
    @halahalo9917 24 dias atrás +478

    Task Idea: Pretend a mob (passive or aggressive) is your child. You need to protect it for half of the session. If someone kills it or it dies naturally, you fail.

    • @colten7525
      @colten7525 20 dias atrás +12

      Could be exploited pretty easily I think. Just put it in a hole.

    • @nataliaentalia
      @nataliaentalia 20 dias atrás +28

      @@colten7525maybe add something like "the mob must interact with other players"

    • @asherafton2737
      @asherafton2737 16 dias atrás +12

      Add u must keep the mob with u at all times and it could possibly make it in

  • @schelbywithac1605
    @schelbywithac1605 25 dias atrás +1931

    Task idea: You must insult at least three people’s bases but phrase the insults like compliments. It only counts if the base owners don’t realize they’re being insulted.

  • @Moondrop0w0
    @Moondrop0w0 25 dias atrás +231

    Task idea: remove a block from everyone’s wall, and make it a window.

    • @jacvoce8742
      @jacvoce8742 22 dias atrás +19

      ...without being caught or accused!

  • @mr.legend2427
    @mr.legend2427 25 dias atrás +958

    Task: Convince 3 people to reroll for a hard task.

  • @GamerKid11
    @GamerKid11 28 dias atrás +5218

    everyone watching Joel build up blissfully unaware of Grian slowly dying inside feels like a scene straight out of a movie.

    • @lavendercrow_n
      @lavendercrow_n 27 dias atrás +403

      It reminded me of like grian protecting scar the first episode of double life while scar was unaware who he was paired with but different.

    • @_Kamura_
      @_Kamura_ 27 dias atrás +34

      ​@@lavendercrow_nyup lol

    • @Panzystubbedtheirtoe
      @Panzystubbedtheirtoe 27 dias atrás +140

      I could hear the fear, pain, sorrow, and acceptance all in grians voice all in the span of like 2 minutes

    • @CommissarChaotic
      @CommissarChaotic 27 dias atrás +14

      I'm imagining that TADC ending part except Grian looks up instead of down

    • @user-bi9yj3el6q
      @user-bi9yj3el6q 27 dias atrás

      I agree

  • @landjbrennan
    @landjbrennan 25 dias atrás +141

    Task idea: Get someone to say you are trying to kill them without damaging them yourself

  • @kurtpena2311
    @kurtpena2311 23 dias atrás +65

    Task idea: Add a Mumbo Mustache to three people's bases without getting caught.

  • @Samjb09
    @Samjb09 25 dias atrás +347

    Secret suggestion: Use the word "chobblesome" in a sentence to a non-hermit without them asking about it in any way

    • @ryanrevell6475
      @ryanrevell6475 21 dia atrás +15

      Well, it is a word now. So it's not necessarily weird

    • @alanin4d
      @alanin4d 7 dias atrás

      That is a good one

  • @bobberina_
    @bobberina_ 25 dias atrás +92

    Every week I grow closer and closer to watching Bigb’s pov

  • @Sock-Monster-Simian
    @Sock-Monster-Simian 25 dias atrás +439

    Big B being insanely weird and suspicious at all times is the funniest thing in this series.

    • @erubianwarlord8208
      @erubianwarlord8208 23 dias atrás +32

      its a brilliant strat as you can never know if he is on task or not

  • @levchenkodarya
    @levchenkodarya 28 dias atrás +13539

    I like how both Grian and Scar are crying about lack of friends and how lonely they are, while being each other's neighbours

    • @AlastairEnd
      @AlastairEnd 28 dias atrás +456


    • @The-Food-Criminal
      @The-Food-Criminal 28 dias atrás +425

      scar is not the optimal friend

    • @TripleSevenStars
      @TripleSevenStars 28 dias atrás +475

      Well, they are called Hermits for a reason

    • @christopheredwards8219
      @christopheredwards8219 28 dias atrás +293

      We all remember how Double Life ended..
      With Grian being the one to mess up and end Scar.

    • @levchenkodarya
      @levchenkodarya 28 dias atrás +223

      @@christopheredwards8219 well, it's not like Double Life was the only season where Grian ended Scar

  • @anon766
    @anon766 25 dias atrás +66

    Task: breaking the fourth wall
    Have a conversation with someone, mute yourself, then look to the side or up and have a monologue with yourself or talk to the audience, then go back to current conversation without missing a beat. Do this for 15 minutes. If someone notices, restart the timer and do it on another person.

    • @matchstick33
      @matchstick33 17 dias atrás +7

      this but you don't mute I think it'd create for some really funny moments

    • @Ali_Faisall
      @Ali_Faisall 14 dias atrás +1

      this is actually genius

  • @tyronorxy5646
    @tyronorxy5646 22 dias atrás +26

    *Grian:* I need to make my new base out of something less flamable.
    *10 minutes later:*
    Builds an egg out of wood.

  • @the_godbodor7026
    @the_godbodor7026 25 dias atrás +548

    It feels very funny how similar Mumbo and Grian’s tasks seem to end up being. Episode 2’s wasn’t that similar but episode 1 were both about puns and this one both of their tasks were tied to someone else’s loss of hearts

    • @itzzzzyor_boi_staticTV
      @itzzzzyor_boi_staticTV 24 dias atrás +7

      That’s what I’m saying lol

    • @creativeusername5535
      @creativeusername5535 23 dias atrás +19

      I kind of want them to make as long of a chain of tasks relying on other ppl as possible

    • @tigger5223
      @tigger5223 20 dias atrás +1

      Egg equals poetry man

    • @theAstarrr
      @theAstarrr 18 dias atrás +1

      Well that also broke in episode 4.
      It's been fun though

  • @blanketgames7570
    @blanketgames7570 23 dias atrás +65

    35:42 Task idea: Get Etho to say “I love you too” during conversation

  • @Cow-Moth-With-A-CRT-Head
    @Cow-Moth-With-A-CRT-Head 25 dias atrás +245

    I love how bigB seems determined to just be as strange as possible in the best of ways.

  • @altomaea9108
    @altomaea9108 27 dias atrás +1726

    Joel asking for grians heart as lizzie watches them under the blowing cherry blossom petals was the funniest thing ever 😂

    • @Panzystubbedtheirtoe
      @Panzystubbedtheirtoe 27 dias atrás +96


    • @nilanirmala8749
      @nilanirmala8749 27 dias atrás +46

      Yea, it reminded me of an anime scene

    • @shaioni
      @shaioni 27 dias atrás +41

      23:10 it's at here btw!

    • @St3ely
      @St3ely 27 dias atrás +49

      “I demand your heart 😍”

    • @altomaea9108
      @altomaea9108 27 dias atrás +4

      @Panzystubbedtheirtoe please send that to me when its done

  • @seth1803
    @seth1803 25 dias atrás +34

    Joel and lizzie being in sync when taking about Joel not being nice to her is why they are married lol

  • @Logan_Galbraith
    @Logan_Galbraith 18 dias atrás +19

    I love watching this a week after, hearing him say "I'm committing fully to the Egg" and the next recommended video is session 4 where the thumbnail is the egg burning. 😂

  • @alibabamokursken4296
    @alibabamokursken4296 25 dias atrás +56

    I want there to be a task, with no other context.

  • @justachillguy197
    @justachillguy197 25 dias atrás +60

    Task idea:
    Build a tower that goes too build limit and get someone to say they are the “king of the world” on it

  • @brittonrea982
    @brittonrea982 25 dias atrás +80

    Task Idea: Receive an honest, heartfelt apology from someone.

    • @Dorathecreator-jj5sr
      @Dorathecreator-jj5sr 16 dias atrás +8

      that should be one of the hard tasks cus thats damn near impossible

  • @saeklas
    @saeklas 28 dias atrás +4520

    I love how Big B is being the most mysterious, weird person this entire series for absolutely no reason

    • @CloudCollapse
      @CloudCollapse 28 dias atrás +547

      It's genius because nobody is able to tell when he's trying to do a task because he's so unpredictable.

    • @shatteredstar7218
      @shatteredstar7218 28 dias atrás +351

      He's just gaslight, gatekeep,, girlbossing fr

    • @miraculousglitter123
      @miraculousglitter123 28 dias atrás +171

      ​@@CloudCollapseBig B more like Big Brain

    • @ParallaxOfTheVoid
      @ParallaxOfTheVoid 28 dias atrás +95

      BigB’s plotting the next big war on the life series

    • @phoenixfirehunt1558
      @phoenixfirehunt1558 28 dias atrás +91

      he was preparing for yellows before they came

  • @RsoyFolak
    @RsoyFolak 25 dias atrás +33

    It feels like a scenario from a movie, with everyone watching Joel grow blissfully unconscious of Grian slowly dying inside.

  • @BillTheDisaster
    @BillTheDisaster 18 dias atrás +4

    Task Idea: Hide and quarantine yourself from Mumbo and Jimmy until the session end. If they see and trying to talk to you within voice range, then that would be a fail.
    Edit: Literally I've predicted two man's fate, they really gone ahead quarantine themselves (died) from the entire server lol.

  • @ThatOneSCPGuy0
    @ThatOneSCPGuy0 25 dias atrás +63

    A great task would be to get 3 people to drink an awkward potion

    • @colten7525
      @colten7525 20 dias atrás +3

      That should be a reroll, since not only is that pretty difficult but you also need blaze rods

  • @gojen750
    @gojen750 25 dias atrás +12

    Task suggestions:
    1) Call everyone by the wrong name for at least 3 different conversations. Wrong names must be other server-mates.
    2) Write 2 books with fake tasks and make them look like real task books. Get 2 different yellow names to guess your fake tasks and make them think you failed by handing them the fake books.
    3) Do an impression of another Life member at least 3 times in conversations.
    At least 1 and 3 are pretty doable, and some form of 2 should be as well. But I imagine 1 and 3 being the funniest....

  • @birblis
    @birblis 25 dias atrás +49

    Task idea: someone has to only speak in rhyme for 30 minutes
    Or it could be Opposite Day: the person can only say the opposite of what they mean for 30 minutes

  • @nodyalclaydon
    @nodyalclaydon 28 dias atrás +1744

    Task: Pretend you've failed an imaginary task and trick at least five people to escort you to the taskmaster.

    • @ButJustTrustMe
      @ButJustTrustMe 28 dias atrás +194

      That’s genius 😭 the thought of 5 people escorting you with the presumption that you failed your take only for you to complete is hilarious 😂

    • @privatefellow6589
      @privatefellow6589 28 dias atrás +18

      That really good

    • @wizardgamer0943
      @wizardgamer0943 28 dias atrás +13

      Underrated comment

    • @bam3xs
      @bam3xs 28 dias atrás +69

      Good idea, just add something like "before the gathering at the end of the session" or "no call for a gathering in the chat." Otherwise it may be open for unnecessary discussions

    • @That_One_Gaming_Guy
      @That_One_Gaming_Guy 28 dias atrás +4

      I hope this one gets in

  • @Miza54
    @Miza54 25 dias atrás +5

    task idea: The first 3 words you say to other people (after receiving the secret) are the only words you may speak for the remainder of the session. You may continue to talk to viewers as normal.

  • @filipemartinho1753
    @filipemartinho1753 18 dias atrás +4

    Love the toxic friendship dynamics on this one
    Edit: Also, love this PG-13 rating for half of the interactions "Maybe we should go somewhere more private? Your wife is right there dude..." is just wow

  • @TheCookiePup
    @TheCookiePup 25 dias atrás +21

    Secret Idea: Convince 3 people to reroll to a harder task.

    • @r00kiet80
      @r00kiet80 17 dias atrás +1

      Yes impossible tasks are always awesome

  • @kaitlynfarley6745
    @kaitlynfarley6745 22 dias atrás +5

    just came here to say that I love the consistent post schedule for this series :) It gives me time to watch everyone's videos to get the full experience :D Yours first of course :)

  • @Buddy_Wolfe
    @Buddy_Wolfe 25 dias atrás +11

    I love the fact the names are randomized, and Mumbo ended up with Scar. lol. God bless you all

  • @God-nv7cp
    @God-nv7cp 26 dias atrás +1498

    Grian in S8: Diagon Alley
    Grian in Secret life: Diagonally

    • @dragonplayz08
      @dragonplayz08 25 dias atrás +29

      I thought the exact same thing watching this 😂

    • @benschwartz5854
      @benschwartz5854 25 dias atrás +6


    • @Ms.Celine
      @Ms.Celine 24 dias atrás +17

      History doesn’t repeat its self… but I sure does rhyme 😂😮❤

    • @MoonyxxArt
      @MoonyxxArt 24 dias atrás +2

      This series is a mix of s7 and s8, I'm loving it so far

    • @charliethunkman
      @charliethunkman 21 dia atrás +2

      @@MoonyxxArt If you watched Jim Jim's perspective you would've seen the finale of season 8 🙈

  • @ghosty5828
    @ghosty5828 22 dias atrás +3

    Task idea: get at least 3 mounders to say “I like hills”

  • @skyeoleary1935
    @skyeoleary1935 25 dias atrás +8

    The fact that BigB is just being weird for the sake of being weird is brilliant

  • @saladman
    @saladman 18 dias atrás +2

    I feel like each person has a series-long task that the audience isn't allowed to know

  • @BTGTB
    @BTGTB 21 dia atrás +1

    There hasn't really been an odd character since the first season when Scar played the game very differently from everyone else. So I'm glad to have BigB doing extra stuff in this season and bringing that "but why?!?" vibe back.

  • @_FERG
    @_FERG 18 dias atrás +4

    This series is going to take all year to watch ahah i feel like i want to see everyone’s perspectives

  • @jonathanrabbitt1082
    @jonathanrabbitt1082 27 dias atrás +377

    Task suggestion: Get someone to guess your secret. Their guess is now your secret.

    • @lovewithmercury
      @lovewithmercury 25 dias atrás +14

      This is so gooooddd

    • @giladkay3761
      @giladkay3761 25 dias atrás +1

      Ohhhh good one. If a yellow guesss, does it mean he failed though?

    • @AnimeFreakazoid11117
      @AnimeFreakazoid11117 25 dias atrás +23

      better yet, EVERYTIME someone guesses your secret. THAT guess is now your secret.

    • @Avruthlelbh
      @Avruthlelbh 25 dias atrás +6

      @@giladkay3761 No, cause that's not what your task is on paper.

    • @mmrrxx2000
      @mmrrxx2000 24 dias atrás +1

      ​@@AnimeFreakazoid11117that's even better 😂

  • @Bxu021
    @Bxu021 24 dias atrás +2

    Idea: You must freeze in place a set amount of times in a row and pretend you are lagging; if anyone questions you if that is your task, your streak resets.

  • @darcyd23
    @darcyd23 23 dias atrás +3

    I'll never understand why almost none of them carry a water bucket on their hotbar

  • @bryantsepulveda8915
    @bryantsepulveda8915 21 dia atrás +1

    I think it would be hilarious if for 1 session everyone had the same task. It would cause some genuine concern and a lot of laughter

  • @Axokip
    @Axokip 28 dias atrás +1613

    Task idea: Try not to say "Scar, no" while spending the entire rest of your episode with him

    • @WolfDragon_12
      @WolfDragon_12 28 dias atrás +37

      I love this

    • @zekerolando5140
      @zekerolando5140 28 dias atrás +87

      too specific, that would work great for Grian and Mumbo, but not a lot of other people.

    • @Axokip
      @Axokip 28 dias atrás +73

      @@zekerolando5140 scar makes bad decisions around everyone it’s not just grian and mumbo

    • @LinniYT
      @LinniYT 28 dias atrás +66

      ​@@Axokipyeah but its mainly Mumbo and Grian they say "Scar no!!"

    • @oof847
      @oof847 28 dias atrás +11

      Put this task on hard then

  • @fpcfootball60
    @fpcfootball60 25 dias atrás +1

    Hard task idea: Get two people to guess your task. Both of their guesses are now combined into your new task.

  • @79awinkler
    @79awinkler 23 dias atrás +1

    I feel like there is a lot of complaining this season from fans but this is the best Life series yet. It’s been incredible.

  • @ParadoxOW
    @ParadoxOW 20 dias atrás

    Man the animatics for this series are going to be insane, just from this episode there were some crazy quotes

  • @birchbarks550
    @birchbarks550 5 dias atrás

    I really can not overstate how much i love the subtitling job on these videos, i have never seen such a good and well coordinated set of subtitles, its really refreshing, thank you :)

  • @jaybokoblin
    @jaybokoblin 25 dias atrás +5

    someone else prolly already said this but: the reason why your hearts dont (visually) deplete consistently is because the game stores two numbers for health, the one it displays in halves and full hearts is a rounded version of the actual "Health" which is stored as a floating point integer. So the game stores a 10th of a heart or a 100th of a heart, it still counts as far as i understand. So you won't always see health lost on the display if it's less than half a heart
    (edited to fix some spelling and phrasing)

  • @rhionaanimates
    @rhionaanimates 28 dias atrás +2599

    Joel instantly jumping off and taking off of some of Grian’s hearts is literally so funny

  • @no0dle500
    @no0dle500 18 dias atrás +1

    Secret Life feels like a fever dream(and probably is) in all ways possible

  • @ladtheoneandonly4980
    @ladtheoneandonly4980 24 dias atrás +2

    Task Idea (maybe hard): Get Etho to say "I love you" or "I love you too". Doesn't count if it's forced, but it does still count if he genuinely says it to other people, mobs, a build he made, etc.

  • @birblis
    @birblis 25 dias atrás +5

    Another task idea: have someone make a statue of another member of the server and have three other server members make offerings to the statue

  • @SamKenneth-vh5ls
    @SamKenneth-vh5ls 23 dias atrás +1

    Task idea: Tell someone to do something quite bizarre without them asking why, you have 3 attempts

  • @spudlythegrand9677
    @spudlythegrand9677 24 dias atrás +1

    Task: convince somebody you have the same task as them, and stay with them doing what they do until you complete their task

  • @Muugie
    @Muugie 27 dias atrás +2064

    "Something less flammable"
    Builds an egg out of the exact same wood 🤣

    • @ka-uy8yh
      @ka-uy8yh 27 dias atrás +33

      it was the shape that was so inflammable :)

    • @Azyraasr
      @Azyraasr 26 dias atrás +2

      Grian brain mush moment

    • @d3v0h23
      @d3v0h23 22 dias atrás +1

      Have you ever seen a uncracked egg on fire, exactly.

  • @zecurox
    @zecurox 25 dias atrás +3

    Task Idea:
    Mirror Task! You may give this book to one person of your choosing. The person to whom you give the book must tell you their task, and you must then perform the opposite of what they are doing. You automatically fail if their task cannot be mirrored. (The person whom you gave the book cannot spill your task to the other, if they did, your task is automatically success)

  • @dankmemepilot794
    @dankmemepilot794 23 dias atrás +1

    Task idea: Move or adjust a major aspect of someone's house/base (such as where a wall or door is) while looking them dead in the eye to whole time, to 2 different people.

  • @DrVillainous
    @DrVillainous 25 dias atrás +4

    Task idea: Get another player to reveal their task to you, then help them complete their task. They don't automatically lose as a result of you finding out, but you're only allowed to reveal your task to them AFTER finding out what their task is.

  • @red.net12
    @red.net12 21 dia atrás +2

    for a task suggestion i think it could be: "write a fairy tale about one or more players and read it to the whole server" it could b a hard task

  • @user-is4qo2oj9w
    @user-is4qo2oj9w 27 dias atrás +750

    'Aren't you guys married?' Best line of the season so far

    • @htheh
      @htheh 27 dias atrás +4


    • @htheh
      @htheh 27 dias atrás +13


    • @user-is4qo2oj9w
      @user-is4qo2oj9w 27 dias atrás +5

      @htheh thanks for finding the time and sorry I didn't do it it must have been a pain trying to find when it happened.

    • @SoulViv0r
      @SoulViv0r 27 dias atrás +25

      "na its show me the gear knob on that camle"
      "i would rather not"

    • @user-is4qo2oj9w
      @user-is4qo2oj9w 27 dias atrás +1

      @@SoulViv0r yes that was hilarious

  • @leenow5236
    @leenow5236 24 dias atrás +5

    task ideas:
    Talk in third person for 20 minutes of the session.
    Whenever talking to someone you must say they’re name at the end of each sentence, for 10 minutes of the session.
    Sneak a rotten flesh in someone inventory without them noticing right away.
    Try to get someone to think they overheard you saying your secret out loud.
    Convince someone to tell you their task by saying that you have a special task that allowed you to get people to tell you their task. Only successful if they tell you they’re task.
    That’s all I got rn. Love the series so far G! Can’t wait for more ✌️

  • @Dr_zevia
    @Dr_zevia 21 dia atrás +1

    Task idea: you have to actively deny the fact you have a task for the entire session.

  • @TypicalLiam
    @TypicalLiam 25 dias atrás +1

    Task idea: without directly causing damage, get people to lose ten hearts; damage is accounted regardless of person (anyone who takes damage by your actions counts to your goal)

  • @busdriverguy
    @busdriverguy 21 dia atrás

    When joel immediately starts jumping aound taking damage, I knew this episode was gonna be fun

  • @laurahawkins2225
    @laurahawkins2225 23 dias atrás +3

    Task suggestions: 1:talk in the silliest voice you can think of/do, 2:contradict your self as much as possible when talking to a person of your choice, 3:talk basically nonsense for at least half the session, and finally 4:be a complete weirdo the whole session (you can take “being a weirdo” anyway you want! So ya hope at least one of these gets in 🤪

  • @minicher7984
    @minicher7984 28 dias atrás +1547

    Task: Extend a players base by 10 blocks without them knowing

    • @cawareyoudoin7379
      @cawareyoudoin7379 28 dias atrás +137

      10 blocks is definitely too much. Maybe like 2 or 3?

    • @Joeseanag24
      @Joeseanag24 28 dias atrás +104

      Mumbo's chimney is just inexplicably long all of a sudden

    • @vortex-.-
      @vortex-.- 28 dias atrás +37

      @@Joeseanag24Bdubs has a disproportionate roof

  • @i_yam_riddikulus
    @i_yam_riddikulus 22 dias atrás +1

    14:41 the raw devastating heartwrenching emotion here... I openly wept

  • @pandalion342
    @pandalion342 25 dias atrás

    Task idea: mention every life series before this one (third life, last life, double life and limited life) by name in conversations throughout your episode

  • @log3573
    @log3573 25 dias atrás

    I have missed this series, and im loving it back. Great job Grian. I dont know if people realize how much you put into this.

  • @Lea-gw3oj
    @Lea-gw3oj 23 dias atrás +1

    i feel like this is the best life series so far. i have watched everyones perspective and everyone is just so weird on this series. i love it.

  • @gamingbros8139
    @gamingbros8139 21 dia atrás +1

    Task suggestion: You must get three people with the Iron door cage without them knowing.

  • @habvnaty1habvnaty188
    @habvnaty1habvnaty188 27 dias atrás +483

    Task idea: Successfully convince 3 hermits that their microphone isn't working.

    • @Valome_Virtual_Gravedigger
      @Valome_Virtual_Gravedigger 27 dias atrás +22

      This. I just LIVE for th gaslight

    • @hannahukki
      @hannahukki 27 dias atrás +5

      i would love this omg

    • @lordofthenerds66
      @lordofthenerds66 26 dias atrás +29

      Hermits specifically?? Because not everyone there is a Hermit lol

      @H34RTSFROMSUSHI 26 dias atrás

      @@lordofthenerds66 we know but we like to make it oddly specific

    • @ice7395
      @ice7395 26 dias atrás +1

      @@H34RTSFROMSUSHI so you're just gonna leave out the other for no reason?

  • @ghost_0321
    @ghost_0321 19 dias atrás +2

    Task: Act exactly like another player for 30 minutes, if someone comments on it, add 5 minutes to your time.

  • @user-el6ms4ul7b
    @user-el6ms4ul7b 25 dias atrás

    The one and only thing I would ever remember after this finished is just ‘IS THAT YOUR TASK?!’
    Glad to see everybody is extremely weird

  • @wattexceptionz5245
    @wattexceptionz5245 24 dias atrás +1

    Task Idea: You must be given 3 compliments without asking for them, this needs to be from 3 seperate people

  • @KrisTheRatVods
    @KrisTheRatVods 22 dias atrás

    glad to see the return of poultry man, not the hero we deserved, neither the one we needed

  • @blacksapphire7986
    @blacksapphire7986 25 dias atrás

    Hard Task: Must do the whole session with half the amount of hearts to what they have started with in the beginning of the session.

  • @stellan8419
    @stellan8419 28 dias atrás +797

    Task idea: let three hermits overhear you saying what your “task” is, and let them drag you to the secret keeper just to reveal its not your secret

  • @alliprugh8648
    @alliprugh8648 22 dias atrás

    Task idea: interact with other player(s) for at least 5 minutes, with your mic muted the entire time. You must find a different group or person to complete the task with if you are called out.

  • @HaifaaAmni
    @HaifaaAmni 25 dias atrás +1

    I love how the scotts left in the whole suspicious part of smajor leading them to the zombie spawner and gem's just "aight this is what he wanted to show". It kinda makes me appreciate the difference in editing ngl. I don't have a preference, both are amazing but its just funny

  • @BradyDuPriest-hi7rf
    @BradyDuPriest-hi7rf 25 dias atrás +3

    TASK IDEA: Convince 2 different people that something they did made you fail your task. You can do anything you want/need to make this happen.
    Hopefully you see this! I think it could be really cool. Maybe play around a bit with it too if you like. Thanks for the great series!

  • @OmegaDoesThings
    @OmegaDoesThings 25 dias atrás +2

    I could feel the life drain out of Grian when Joel hit the ground. That's rough buddy.

  • @brightside12
    @brightside12 25 dias atrás +2

    Task Idea: you must give one consistent item to 4 differant people without them noticing. Ex- you give feathers to gem, smajor, cleo, and Etho and you dont hear them comment on it while in range that counts as a win. If one of them notices you must restart with new people and new items.

  • @veraleffel2456
    @veraleffel2456 28 dias atrás +3449

    Grian’s got himself another babysitting job.

      @EEEEEEEE 28 dias atrás +3


    • @cheetahman515
      @cheetahman515 28 dias atrás +59

      But at least this one does it on purpose unlike a certain other partner he had (scar) who was genuinely clueless

    • @versuzzero5335
      @versuzzero5335 28 dias atrás +25

      He should've just rerolled for a harder task...

    • @user-mb4yt2mp6c
      @user-mb4yt2mp6c 28 dias atrás +3

      Actually though

    • @dinodude1417
      @dinodude1417 28 dias atrás +3


  • @pinkblossom927
    @pinkblossom927 24 dias atrás

    Task idea: redirect all conversations youre a part of by any means necessesary for half of the session

  • @pollynchrys
    @pollynchrys 23 dias atrás +1

    tast idea: greet every living member of the server, but with the name of a different living player. names can be repeated for multiple players
    also: you can correct yourself afterwards to avoid suspicion

  • @O0_WildSide_0O
    @O0_WildSide_0O 16 dias atrás +1

    Task Idea: Collect 2 Pur Pur Stairs, 2 Copper Ore, and 2 Warped Wood Logs. Put 1 of each in two different peoples bases. If you are accused of doing it at any point during the session you fail this task.

  • @reidgamer7663
    @reidgamer7663 24 dias atrás

    I know scar has been stereotyped as really bad but he's been doing fairly good so far - episode 3 and he's still green

  • @triciahuett4653
    @triciahuett4653 24 dias atrás +2

    Task idea: trick 2 yellow lifes into guessing your secret wrong. Time limit: 1 hour.

  • @Pacific_Soda
    @Pacific_Soda 27 dias atrás +477

    Task: Convince 3 people you failed your task have have them walk you to the secret keeper. Then run off. On the 3rd one you can press success and confuse them more

    • @mr.waterbucket
      @mr.waterbucket 27 dias atrás +21

      That's hilarious! I love it.

    • @archwinter
      @archwinter 27 dias atrás +6

      That'd be really funny to watch!

    • @voltiqs
      @voltiqs 27 dias atrás +21

      This one's kind of easy though, maybe make it harder needing the same person to walk you to the secret keeper 3 times?

    • @stardustdaffodils1812
      @stardustdaffodils1812 27 dias atrás +1

      i love the idea of convincing someone you’ve failed as a task lol

  • @Phoenix_IsRising
    @Phoenix_IsRising 21 dia atrás

    I feel like a header task could be getting someone to lose hearts without hitting them- maybe for later in the series but

  • @Nickfm023
    @Nickfm023 25 dias atrás

    Hard task: Get someone to confess about their first love without being called out

  • @Pumpkinbeam
    @Pumpkinbeam 25 dias atrás +2

    I love skizz and tango looking for a person to add to their heart foundation but missing grian who is hardcore looking for a friend

  • @Pringlecane
    @Pringlecane 23 dias atrás

    Strategically speaking that base wouldve been insane when everyone was red since there was one way up and the many stairs would confuse people trying to reach you

  • @praalgraf
    @praalgraf 23 dias atrás +2

    "show me the gear knob on that camel" "i'd rather not" my fave family friendly youtubers

  • @p.fantuci
    @p.fantuci 28 dias atrás +640

    Grian: Let's make a friend shaped base out of something less flamable
    Also Grian: makes an egg shaped base out of birch

    • @samlewis6487
      @samlewis6487 28 dias atrás +31

      I mean. Eggs are friends to the man in the chicken mask.

    • @spoopy-guy
      @spoopy-guy 27 dias atrás +12

      @@samlewis6487 POULTRY MAN CLUCKS INTO THE LIFE SERIES ( Smash bros theme intensifies )