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Secret Life: Episode 4 - A NEW ALLIANCE!

  • Publicado em 9 Nov 2023
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    Welcome to the next life series, secret life! We have 30 hearts per life, no regen and a whole bunch of secrets! If you would like to suggest a task, leave it in the comments! Remember we are looking for social interactions and funny content.
    We can do /gift to give away 1 free heart per session.
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Comentários • 8 mil

  • @makapka_6286
    @makapka_6286 21 dia atrás +13116

    The fact that scar immediately joined in on the singing without any questions is the most scar thing ever

  • @Calgray720
    @Calgray720 16 dias atrás +1367

    Find someone who already succeeded their task, ask them what it was, then go do it as well. If you get called out for doing the same task you fail.

    • @roboplays9396
      @roboplays9396 15 dias atrás +25

      Wow, so great I think this should definitely make the cut! Excellent. Plus ultra! POGGERS

    • @LegitUsername85
      @LegitUsername85 14 dias atrás +1


    • @charlie_aizawa
      @charlie_aizawa 13 dias atrás +6

      thats actually a really smart one!

    • @hwalleluja
      @hwalleluja 12 dias atrás +4

      thats a great one frfr

    • @abbie4310
      @abbie4310 10 dias atrás +5

      That’s kinda what scotts was except he had to figure out the task

  • @jarnoo7154
    @jarnoo7154 18 dias atrás +551

    Task idea: make everyone believe you’ve failed your task, but every time they ask you what youre task was you tell them an other task. And never the same one.

    • @DorA-nv9kk
      @DorA-nv9kk 12 dias atrás +6

      This is actually a really fun idea!

    • @cutter7622
      @cutter7622 9 dias atrás +2

      I didn’t even see this one! I had an idea almost exactly like this, I think it would be so sick to do

  • @shimmyshimmykokobopithinki747
    @shimmyshimmykokobopithinki747 17 dias atrás +361

    grian singing that one very long town name at 6:52 has honestly become one of my favorite moments in this series

    • @asowas7802
      @asowas7802 13 dias atrás +28

      even the exchange beforehand too.. “i am GOOGLING it… i am VERY MUCH GOOGLING IT”

    • @tejusanghavi
      @tejusanghavi 3 dias atrás +1

      it’s actually 6:54 but still LOL

  • @andrewroes7942
    @andrewroes7942 18 dias atrás +364

    Watching Grian mining is like watching a horror movie, with the poor victim that isn't good at combat trying to fight off the monster, just praying they somehow make it out alive

  • @icykoala8457
    @icykoala8457 19 dias atrás +710

    The first few seconds make me confident that everyone has a hidded challenge across the entire series, with grain's involving making as many bases as possible

    • @plighting_engineerd
      @plighting_engineerd 15 dias atrás +30

      WAIT YES

    • @honkman29
      @honkman29 15 dias atrás +38

      Martyns is breaking the canary curse LMAO

    • @sovimc9977
      @sovimc9977 14 dias atrás +74

      Oh damn yeah! that could also explain bigbs crypticness and why mumbo always seems to be riding animals

    • @legendofdymin
      @legendofdymin 14 dias atrás +34

      I’ve seen others with the same theory, so you might be right

    • @aiyanahmad3993
      @aiyanahmad3993 11 dias atrás +9

      Or burning them?

  • @acomfychair
    @acomfychair 19 dias atrás +1214

    Grian immediately burning everything he builds makes me want to think that theres a hidden task for each hermit that they have to do every session

    • @starplane1239
      @starplane1239 18 dias atrás +193

      That's an interesting thought. At the same time, this is Grian.

    • @ArcticPuzzle
      @ArcticPuzzle 18 dias atrás +165

      BigB's would be to constantly have weird interactions with people

    • @fjolliff6308
      @fjolliff6308 17 dias atrás +47

      Gem is getting an elytra or something

    • @katarzynakuznik24
      @katarzynakuznik24 17 dias atrás +43

      and Martyn has to be the first one to change the color… 👀

    • @siennak4306
      @siennak4306 16 dias atrás +11

      YES! I was thinking the same exact thing.

  • @stargazer178
    @stargazer178 16 dias atrás +147

    Task Idea: You become a narrator for [player name] and narrate everything/most things they do like a wildlife documentary for half of the session. Potentially a hard task????

    • @laneyhesse8102
      @laneyhesse8102 11 dias atrás +4

      One of the players ( it might have been pearl, I can’t remember but it was one of the girls) already did that task, but it’s still a good idea!

  • @mytoiletat2am
    @mytoiletat2am 17 dias atrás +391

    Task idea: Convince the entire server to set aside their differences for 10 minutes to have a nice thanksgiving dinner.

    • @2008bunnydemibigenderflux
      @2008bunnydemibigenderflux 14 dias atrás +5

      I absolutely love this

    • @justseffstuff3308
      @justseffstuff3308 13 dias atrás +14

      Sounds good for a hard task

    • @Slightlycamouflaged
      @Slightlycamouflaged 12 dias atrás +4

      10 minutes? thats 1/3rd of the time
      definetly hard task

    • @2008bunnydemibigenderflux
      @2008bunnydemibigenderflux 12 dias atrás +6

      @@Slightlycamouflaged Don't sessions last like four hours, with a like twenty minute break?

    • @Zeke0007
      @Zeke0007 9 dias atrás +4

      ​​@@Slightlycamouflaged each session is 3 hours, so that's only 1/18th of a session. Several people have been uploading hour long Secret Life episodes, like Bdubs, and Etho and BigB for episode 5. Even Grian's episode is almost 40 minutes and you can tell he cut a lot of stuff out

  • @theguardian1707
    @theguardian1707 18 dias atrás +644

    Task Idea: You must communicate through [player name] only talking directly towards them for a 30 minute timeframe.

    • @morpyy8449
      @morpyy8449 15 dias atrás +5


    • @TmanTheTdog
      @TmanTheTdog 15 dias atrás +91

      Basically, you can only talk to one other player for 30 minutes. If you need to tell another player something, you have to speak to the first player to pass the information along.
      For example, let’s say Grian has this task and can only talk to Scar.
      Grian: Hey Scar!
      Scar: Hey Grian!
      *Impulse walks over*
      Grian: Hey Scar, tell Impulse that I need to borrow 5 iron from him.

    • @LucyWest370
      @LucyWest370 15 dias atrás +20

      @@TmanTheTdogthat was a really good example ngl

    • @uwustepderp
      @uwustepderp 15 dias atrás +12

      @@TmanTheTdog you are REALLY good at examples 10/10

    • @morpyy8449
      @morpyy8449 15 dias atrás +5

      @@TmanTheTdog ohhhh thankyou

  • @aubrey7731
    @aubrey7731 16 dias atrás +158

    We needed a musical episode. Scar and Grian singing a duet about the items is chefs kiss.

  • @funnypantshd150
    @funnypantshd150 17 dias atrás +150

    task: leave and join the server 5-10 times, each time you have to change something small with your skin, the other players should not question it.

    • @AveragePeskyBird
      @AveragePeskyBird 13 dias atrás +7

      This is such a good idea

    • @laneyhesse8102
      @laneyhesse8102 11 dias atrás +4

      Maybe less times tho 10 is a lot

    • @funnypantshd150
      @funnypantshd150 11 dias atrás +3

      @@laneyhesse8102 true let’s say 5

    • @ALoser-ThisIsTotallyUnique
      @ALoser-ThisIsTotallyUnique 8 dias atrás

      how would you prepare the skins beforehand

    • @funnypantshd150
      @funnypantshd150 8 dias atrás +2

      @@ALoser-ThisIsTotallyUnique very easy to just to add 1 color pixel on skindex to your skin and then add it back onto your mc character, takes max 2 minutes

  • @equal6200
    @equal6200 19 dias atrás +1261

    grian singing, and gaslighting people into thinking that hes not singing is one of the funniest things.

  • @andrewsearns5634
    @andrewsearns5634 17 dias atrás +51

    Task Suggestion:
    Hot Potato: You may show this task to other players. The first time you read this task, if you haven’t already completed or failed a task, you are it. This is now your task, you must swap your previous task with the person who gave you this task. At the end of the session, if you have this task, you have failed.

  • @kayleighdriessen
    @kayleighdriessen 17 dias atrás +33

    I could really feel Grian's stress as he tries so hard to not starve or get slayed inside the mines looking for diamonds.

  • @officiallysoup
    @officiallysoup 19 dias atrás +117

    suggestion - introduce yourself to half of the server like you have not met yet

  • @liaracochran7879
    @liaracochran7879 17 dias atrás +96

    Hearing you clap from laughing so hard when scar mentioned about people telling him to take the helmet off made that moment even funnier

  • @ravnhaveland9594
    @ravnhaveland9594 18 dias atrás +93

    Task idea: convince someone to reroll for a harder task

  • @axolotl102
    @axolotl102 16 dias atrás +48

    Task idea: change the language of the game to one of the easter egg languages(ex: Prirate speak or LOLCAT) and refer to the items with their new names. You succeed in your task if no one is suspicious by the end of the session.

  • @FlamenLion
    @FlamenLion 16 dias atrás +49

    Task idea: you can only eat fish for the whole session. If anyone mentions your task then you have to make a fish pun and throw fish at them.

  • @skullaep
    @skullaep 19 dias atrás +70

    suggestion: Secretly swap the beds of three players with different colors or types. If they call you out specifically, you fail.

    • @Dorathecreator-jj5sr
      @Dorathecreator-jj5sr 15 dias atrás +3

      3 is a bit easy it should be like the doors task imo like do 5 people twice
      but its a good idea

  • @daxifun_
    @daxifun_ 17 dias atrás +9

    Task idea: Ask somebody to correctly explain at least 3 functionalities (there are 4 overall) of redstone comparator and it can not be Mumbo.

  • @Bucktula
    @Bucktula 19 dias atrás +78

    Task idea: pretend you're sick the whole session without getting questioned

  • @toxicwaffles1983
    @toxicwaffles1983 21 dia atrás +1915

    Task idea: Work the phrase “bear with me” 20 different times into conversation throughout the session without being called out.

  • @scotsraven1990
    @scotsraven1990 17 dias atrás +35

    secret task: you can not say the words yes or no for the entire session

  • @dersaras3983
    @dersaras3983 17 dias atrás +7

    Task idea: Act like your mic is muted for half of the session. But never actually mute your mic. This means you can lie your task, and when some yellows hears it and tries to fail you, you can just pretend you didnt hear it

  • @SkiSummer
    @SkiSummer 19 dias atrás +84

    If you ask questions, they have to be yes / no questions, if asked a question you're only allowed to respond with yes / no. Hope no one guesses your task!

  • @kraykyle
    @kraykyle 14 dias atrás +6

    Grian: I have a bad singing voice
    Also Grian: Making the entire episode melodious and marvelous.

  • @zoeywatkins2225
    @zoeywatkins2225 19 dias atrás +14

    Task idea: you have pippopotomonstrausequippedaliophobia (fear of long words) you may only say words with 5 letters or less for 20 minutes of the session. If you fail you may retry once.

  • @maysee2515
    @maysee2515 21 dia atrás +1712

    I love how Scar said near the beginning 2:45 that the items he was selling would save you in your time of need, and then at 21:00 grian was eating sweet berries which was actually one of the items in the chest. Scar was really right!

  • @swiftwind3498
    @swiftwind3498 16 dias atrás +7

    Task Idea: Switch personalities with [player name] for the whole session. They have the same task and you may share this with them.

  • @sisi7304
    @sisi7304 17 dias atrás +9

    retention rate has gotta be higher than the 0.2 Mumbo mentioned, I love Grian's singing, especially in duet with Scar!

  • @boltripp
    @boltripp 16 dias atrás +21

    Task idea: convince another player that their taks is too hard and they should reroll it

  • @LLynell
    @LLynell 16 dias atrás +4

    Task Idea: Anytime you come across 2 or more players, you MUST narrate what you thinks is happening in the style of a nature documentary.

  • @BlueDemon-nk5dj
    @BlueDemon-nk5dj 18 dias atrás +10

    Grian is giving me an actual heart attack every time there is dramatic music playing, I hear the music and think I'm playing dark souls. I'm almost certain he will lose a life every time

  • @zipzopdarts5728
    @zipzopdarts5728 19 dias atrás +2229

    Task idea: You are now extremely shy. Any time you make eye contact with another player, you must freeze in place completely. No movement, looking around, or speaking. Once eye contact is broken, pretend like nothing happened. You must do this for 20 minutes. All time counted must be around other players.

    • @GamingKing-jo9py
      @GamingKing-jo9py 19 dias atrás +111

      medusa task

    • @mr.boomguy
      @mr.boomguy 19 dias atrás +138

      I think a whole session thing (involving all tasks) are a bit much, because people over time Will deduce it sooner or later. Better to have a limited objective I think to give a fair shot, like Grian and Mumbo's puns

    • @redcap4216
      @redcap4216 19 dias atrás +7


    • @MMSisters23
      @MMSisters23 19 dias atrás +21

      As an introvert this is my everyday lofe

    • @SpeedyCheetahCub
      @SpeedyCheetahCub 18 dias atrás +32

      This is basically an Enderman trait. If you lock eye contact with an Enderman, they just stare at you and growl. They can't move while you look at them, only attacking after you look away.

  • @beflyaudio
    @beflyaudio 17 dias atrás +9

    I havent cackled this hard in a while. The singing was on point. God this was good.

  • @voltsiano116
    @voltsiano116 18 dias atrás +6

    Loving the idea of secret tasks this season, but some of them are a bit... too easy, others too HARD (like trying to protect Scar), and some are just difficult to discern whether they've been properly executed. Would love to see this twist done again, with all the kinks ironed out.

    • @littleghost4686
      @littleghost4686 5 dias atrás

      I'm pretty sure the player in that task is randomized mumbo just got hilariously unlucky.

  • @sirtainlee8725
    @sirtainlee8725 18 dias atrás +23

    I love this musical! I now understand why the British love Grian and Sullivan so much. It's their default singing style.

  • @Dragon_dog265
    @Dragon_dog265 17 dias atrás +13

    Hard task idea: do whatever anyone tells and take everything seriously

  • @gabriellabowman1903
    @gabriellabowman1903 19 dias atrás +14

    Task idea: try to convince half the server to do a sing along to one of a Disney movie.

  • @TheGreenPig8
    @TheGreenPig8 21 dia atrás +4846

    Task idea: get Mumbo to say “It’s really quite simple!”

    • @statefromjakefarm5003
      @statefromjakefarm5003 21 dia atrás +365

      Nah make mumbo say “it’s not simple”

    • @Skywalker8510Too
      @Skywalker8510Too 21 dia atrás +113

      just ask for a redstone toutorial

    • @KittieWhiskerz
      @KittieWhiskerz 21 dia atrás +94

      @@statefromjakefarm5003 That'll be harder haha

    • @teabear327
      @teabear327 21 dia atrás +29

      The only issue with this one is all player specific tasks are randomized names

    • @TheGreenPig8
      @TheGreenPig8 21 dia atrás +92

      @@teabear327no, he said last week some are specific. Like get scar to talk about star wars

  • @Detorus_
    @Detorus_ 17 dias atrás +20

    Task idea: Make the most secure base you can and test it on an another player.

  • @craftysmitty9369
    @craftysmitty9369 15 dias atrás +3

    Task idea: have someone else talk for you the entire session, you are only allowed to talk to yourself, and the partner you choose to be with. you may share this with your partner.

  • @wutnow6419
    @wutnow6419 18 dias atrás +7

    Task idea: You know must make sound effects with your voice everytime your doing something for 15 minutes . From breaking blocks, swinging your sword etc.

  • @aguyyouwillneverseeagain1178

    try to be as socially awkward as possible and get 5 people to not question your weirdness

  • @archwinter
    @archwinter 18 dias atrás +14

    Task Idea: Put a fish in every member on the server's inventory without them knowing it was from you. This means you can throw one and make them pick it up while they are in a chest or something.

  • @pikminfan123_
    @pikminfan123_ 21 dia atrás +6389

    It doesnt matter what grian will build in secret life: it will end with him burning it down

    • @_agent_999_2
      @_agent_999_2 21 dia atrás +73

      next he is gonna build a boat

    • @MeatballMusic
      @MeatballMusic 21 dia atrás +41


    • @pikminfan123_
      @pikminfan123_ 21 dia atrás +23

      @@MeatballMusic never thought I'd see you here either

    • @RyanSoltani
      @RyanSoltani 21 dia atrás +1


  • @MindMyBeans
    @MindMyBeans 14 dias atrás +2

    Task idea: weird people out for the whole session, and make sure they don't figure out what you are trying to achieve.

  • @That1Knife
    @That1Knife 21 dia atrás +7351

    Task idea: Convince a player of a mechanic that doesn't actually exist and have them try it.
    Hard variant suggested by @SuperSpider9098: show them the mechanic "working" through some clever trick, then have them try it.
    Convincing more than 1 or a convincing a certain randomized player could also be an option.

    • @7thHourFilms
      @7thHourFilms 20 dias atrás +464

      Mumbo. This would 100% work on Mumbo!

    • @user-sq3td8kx6x
      @user-sq3td8kx6x 20 dias atrás +483

      Did you know if you get some glowstone and water-

  • @WritersRealm-dt7ld
    @WritersRealm-dt7ld 18 dias atrás +2

    task idea: you must throw in a fun fact each conversation at least 10 times during this session

  • @thejemogremlin7400
    @thejemogremlin7400 18 dias atrás +10

    Can we get someone to remix this entire episode

  • @AnV8
    @AnV8 18 dias atrás +6

    Task idea: Say hi to everyone on the server at least once before talking to the same person twice!

  • @dustwyrm
    @dustwyrm 18 dias atrás +26

    You actually have a beautiful voice. I want a life smp musical now.

  • @planetnydro
    @planetnydro 21 dia atrás +621

    "This episode may not be watchable"
    I think this was my favorite episode in any life series so far. The singing, Scar singing along, the betrayal, the caving adventure, the alliance, all of it was just pure gold

    • @noahcoops6305
      @noahcoops6305 20 dias atrás +6

      Totally agree. Just an amazing, authentic series.

    • @its_meena66
      @its_meena66 20 dias atrás +6

      Also agree here! I think this has been one of my favorite episodes so far! The caving scene had me on the edge of my seat and the bits with Mumbo, Tango, and even Scar were just SO funny LOL God, I love this series so much. The best MCYTs to date!

  • @chrisarnold6161
    @chrisarnold6161 10 dias atrás

    Such a fun series to watch! I only wish they all shared their task at the end of each session

  • @marshallheard3314
    @marshallheard3314 14 dias atrás +1

    this episode took a sharp turn towards uncanny valley about hallway through and in here for it

  • @noahh6079
    @noahh6079 19 dias atrás +6

    Task idea: ask 10 people for things you obviously already have

  • @Xenexu
    @Xenexu 16 dias atrás +2

    Task idea(s):
    -Get [name(s)] to give you exactly 12 different items then eventually give them back as a “gift” somehow
    -(For greens only) Act like a yellow, if you can successfully guess someone’s task this is complete (idk if the other person should fail), if not complete by the end of the session you fail
    -Follow someone and repeat everything they say for (time), if everyone you try to repeat during the session calls you out you fail.
    -Convince everyone your mic is messed up, then only talk with signs (no actually talking through chat), if someone properly calls you out then you fail

  • @ArcherFox7
    @ArcherFox7 18 dias atrás +5

    I have a few questions for the red life tasks, 1. Will they still press the succeed button or fail button? 2. Can a yellow still call them out? For example if a red is blatantly trying to kill a yellow can they make them fail therefore saving their life?

  • @ethanschille2203
    @ethanschille2203 20 dias atrás +137

    Task Suggestion:
    For the entirety of this session, every time you see someone take damage, you have to warn them about the danger far too late.

  • @mj-tn1qq
    @mj-tn1qq 16 dias atrás +1

    task idea: during 2 different conversations, make up lore about secret life that has no correlation to any previously established lore or fanon. the other players must either play along with you or ignore you but they cannot suspect you.

  • @Icannotdraw-ug3gj
    @Icannotdraw-ug3gj 18 dias atrás +2

    New secret idea suggestion: you must have at least 10 conversations where, somewhere in the conversation, you dig a 1 block hole underneath you and stay there for the remainder of the conversation. You can do this multiple times with the same person, but not in a row.

  • @ur_fren_noah2642
    @ur_fren_noah2642 18 dias atrás +1

    Task idea: You must refer to everyone by their real life names. If anyone questions why you referred to them this way, you cannot talk to them for the rest of the session.

  • @stardustdaffodils1812
    @stardustdaffodils1812 18 dias atrás +8

    this task was SO enjoyable to watch

  • @Charoy612
    @Charoy612 20 dias atrás +1091

    The second half of this episode being a horror movie was one heck of a tonal shift

    • @forgo7
      @forgo7 20 dias atrás +77

      genuinely, i have NEVER heard of that cave ambience before

    • @aG0AT
      @aG0AT 20 dias atrás +103

      ​@@forgo7SAME. I was so freaked out I thought it was buildup to Grian becoming a yellow! Was on edge the whole time!

    • @neko_nyan3150
      @neko_nyan3150 20 dias atrás +12

      Its all the phasmophobia he’s been playing

    • @esow4742
      @esow4742 20 dias atrás +13

      my heart was genuinely racing i was not expecting to be so stressed this episode

    • @TermoPlays
      @TermoPlays 20 dias atrás +5

      @@forgo7 That's because it was edited

  • @999videoguy
    @999videoguy 17 dias atrás

    Love this so much. Task idea! You have to bring back a joke from an old Life Series successfully in 3 conversations

  • @emeralds8569
    @emeralds8569 14 dias atrás

    This has got to be the most chaotic season of the life series

  • @electricsheep1506
    @electricsheep1506 19 dias atrás +2

    Task idea: Convince someone that their game is glitched and have them leave and rejoin

  • @boat378
    @boat378 17 dias atrás +1

    Since Martyn mentioned gaslighting in Etho's video, this gave me a task idea.
    Task: "Get someone to admit they did "it". Never elaborate on what "it" is."

  • @TheGoblinKiing
    @TheGoblinKiing 18 dias atrás +4

    Joel already tried to guess Scars task right before he guessed Grians😂

  • @Park1ngL0t
    @Park1ngL0t 7 dias atrás +1

    i love that the last episode ended with “im going to keep the egg i promise” then this episodes thumbnail being the egg on fire

  • @terrylavey
    @terrylavey 18 dias atrás

    The Life Series is my favorite Minecraft series! I’m always sad when it end but the next season is always worth it! Thank you for creating this! Maybe one season you can have a throw make to the shared life’s but each episode you have a new partner.

  • @elawinjala1635
    @elawinjala1635 18 dias atrás +2

    Secret idea: get a hermit to say a catchphrase associated with them

  • @Madi-ru6vm
    @Madi-ru6vm 13 dias atrás

    omg these sessions are always hilarious but i laughed the hardest at this one 💀💀

  • @madydoll213
    @madydoll213 19 dias atrás +2

    Seeing Grian lose all those hearts just hurt my soul

  • @pandada7123
    @pandada7123 21 dia atrás +895

    Hard Task idea: Convince 2 people that Grian's skin is secretly based off of Paul McCartney and get them to confront him about it.

    • @Ne0rey
      @Ne0rey 21 dia atrás +54

      very rare good task idea

    • @eaterofkirbs4917
      @eaterofkirbs4917 21 dia atrás +36

      this is the funniest task idea i've seen i need it to be included

    • @joelle4662
      @joelle4662 21 dia atrás +12

      I can't express how much I love this

    • @minecraftnerd2175
      @minecraftnerd2175 21 dia atrás +8

      Omg best task idea I've seen

    • @kingnooby701
      @kingnooby701 21 dia atrás +16

      then grian gets the task 😭

  • @Igrium
    @Igrium 18 dias atrás +1

    Task idea: Tell [player name] that your task is to assist them in whatever they need during the session. However, you must secretly sabotage everything they do without them catching on.

  • @LemonDancing
    @LemonDancing 18 dias atrás +1

    Task: Make your voice higher for an entire session, and don't get caught by the yellows.

  • @Villagerslime
    @Villagerslime 18 dias atrás

    Suggestion: The second you interact with another person, you are not allowed to be alone at all for the rest of the session until you press the button

  • @Sophie-uf7wl
    @Sophie-uf7wl 16 dias atrás +9

    2 task ideas:
    1) Make the whole group gather at least twice during the episode
    2)Don’t say any words beginning with a vowel for 20m

  • @jesscoombes9150
    @jesscoombes9150 17 dias atrás +1

    the way this goes from silly goofy musical to horror movie so fast

  • @honeycloud2131
    @honeycloud2131 21 dia atrás +533

    For nearly all of this session grain was just a bird, he lived in an egg, was singing for the first 10 minutes. He's now Songbird Grian.

  • @ath0rus
    @ath0rus 6 dias atrás

    This series is just full of everyone confusing everyone, its the best

  • @Draxxar1
    @Draxxar1 16 dias atrás +6

    There is almost nothing funnier than at 34:12 "Get off the horse.... get off the horse" in British accent. That made me laugh SO hard. I swear. Poor Mumbo. LOL. This is something you do not hear every day and that's what makes it so hilarious.

  • @KapteinPatrik
    @KapteinPatrik 19 dias atrás +1

    Task idea: Convince someone to live in their base for the whole session, if you get kicked out you fail

  • @samcochran8203
    @samcochran8203 13 dias atrás

    This episode has convinced me of one thing, we need a hermitcraft series where there's musical episodes every so often

  • @ShadowpuppetsandCo.
    @ShadowpuppetsandCo. 18 dias atrás +1

    Task Idea: Change one pixel on your skin to a reasonably noticeable color, the pixel must be visible at all times (not hidden in the arms or under shoes) and you must not be called out on it more than 5 times (by different people)

  • @amethielle
    @amethielle 21 dia atrás +680

    The fact that Scar sings with Grian is just sooo wholesome!!

    • @arnimlost
      @arnimlost 21 dia atrás +35

      Grian's singing instantly turned into GLaDOS lol

    • @ussxrequin
      @ussxrequin 21 dia atrás +19

      We love Scar here.

    • @pebby03
      @pebby03 21 dia atrás +3

      I loved it!!

  • @andrykusuma5894
    @andrykusuma5894 16 dias atrás +1

    Task idea: Find the weirdest or unique block (in your opinion) and hold it on your hand until someone notice without telling them.

  • @VaelynTV
    @VaelynTV 18 dias atrás

    Task idea: Get 2 different people to tell you they are uncomfortable. This cannot happen in the same instance, it has to be in different conversations or circumstances.

  • @jefsaxon1394
    @jefsaxon1394 19 dias atrás +1

    I think that Grian should do a Hobbit audiobook, I want to hear him sing Tom Bombadil’s lines

  • @wobe244
    @wobe244 16 dias atrás

    I love how Bdubs and Scar just started singing along

  • @DennisEricStout
    @DennisEricStout 19 dias atrás

    That was great!
    Task idea if you're still taking them: throw a party for the server, with cake and cookies. Make sure everyone gets a piece of cake and a cookie.

  • @IndicoliteMoon_slsan
    @IndicoliteMoon_slsan 20 dias atrás +996

    I noticed, that whenever Mumbo is in the radar, or any other player is in range, Grian will always be on a block or two higher than everybody else.
    And Now I believe that it is because compared to Mumbo, Grian is so short IRL that he's trying to make himself taller in Minecraft

  • @Gambsmoore
    @Gambsmoore 11 dias atrás +2

    You sell yourself short, that singing portion was friggin hilarious

  • @xxdoctorflamesxx6856
    @xxdoctorflamesxx6856 16 dias atrás

    I loved Grian singing. I would never skip such an angel of a voice

  • @juuuunii658
    @juuuunii658 18 dias atrás +1

    Task Suggestion: get 3 different yellows to guess that your task is COMPLETELY different from the other guesses. Their guesses must have different subjects (i.e. "you have to ride a *horse*" and "you have to leave your *horse* at other people's bases" are similar) and different actions (i.e. "you bring a zombie into a crowd" and "you bring a creeper into a crowd" are similar)

  • @user-bb1or8fr7l
    @user-bb1or8fr7l 12 dias atrás +1

    etho is like a puppy dog the way he acts weird all the time is so funny to me

  • @ayyuna7067
    @ayyuna7067 16 dias atrás

    Cleo and Mumbo ratting Grian out to Joel Lmaoo but little did they know he needs it and Joel’s reaction and all of em was everything 😂😂😂