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Secret Life: Episode 2 - MORE DOORS FOR ME!

  • Publicado em 26 Out 2023
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    Welcome to the next life series, secret life! We have 30 hearts per life, no regen and a whole bunch of secrets! If you would like to suggest a task, leave it in the comments! Remember we are looking for social interactions and funny content.
    We can do /gift to give away 1 free heart per session.
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Comentários • 12 mil

  • @Grian
    @Grian  Mês atrás +12375

    Fun fact - Sessions 1 & 2 were recorded on the same day because of twitch con, so you won't see any viewer suggestions in this episode. But starting from episode 3 you will start seeing suggestions! Please keep them coming! Now that I have your attention with behind the curtain information check out the here: lifeseries.shop/

    • @rachelmaltby1229
      @rachelmaltby1229 Mês atrás +38

      first like

    • @RealWardenAnimations
      @RealWardenAnimations Mês atrás +66

      I was wondering why they were on the same day. Thanks for the explanation!

    • @jorrit_8292
      @jorrit_8292 Mês atrás +43

      Gem's was

    • @Snugbrrrr
      @Snugbrrrr Mês atrás +10

      Very Interesting. I just finished watching the first heh.

    • @modelpancake
      @modelpancake Mês atrás +26

      Secret idea!: Pretend you are going to kill 5 players then mysteriously leave!

  • @Superkid33
    @Superkid33 Mês atrás +23089

    Task idea: Become the most annoying door to door salesmen as possible. The goal: make sure they don’t actually buy anything from you

    • @tashunagray7720
      @tashunagray7720 Mês atrás +790


    • @the_dexman
      @the_dexman Mês atrás +1480

      the issue with that is it punishes going along with the bit; someone might lose just because another player thinks it's funny to agree.
      Alternative: Sell 3 people items that they otherwise would NEVER want.
      Still gives the snake oil salesman vibes but makes the goal to actually convince people, which is more interesting than hoping nobody accepts or just withholding the product. Could use a pricing clause to make sure you can't just give away free stuff.

    • @tumblingartist
      @tumblingartist Mês atrás +107

      I love the idea of being an anti-businessman!

    • @jisrite
      @jisrite Mês atrás +16

      This is so goood

    • @C4RR07_
      @C4RR07_ Mês atrás +19

      Annoying saleskall

  • @tessnestel4619
    @tessnestel4619 28 dias atrás +932

    For one random episode everyone should secretly get the same task

  • @wallywest6580
    @wallywest6580 Mês atrás +231

    Hard Task: Prevent Scar from losing a single heart for the entire session.

  • @lolli_popples
    @lolli_popples Mês atrás +1875

    It’s not surprising that out of everyone, Scott was the only person to call Grian out. Nothing ever gets past that man lol. He has a 6th sense for detecting suspicious behavior.

    • @tejusanghavi
      @tejusanghavi Mês atrás +13


    • @kiritotheabridgedgod4178
      @kiritotheabridgedgod4178 28 dias atrás +48

      I mean, technically Scar called him out on it. I'd also argue, he did a very generous interpretation of that task, because I'd say he failed it the second he was called out

    • @katherinehavegreen515
      @katherinehavegreen515 28 dias atrás +77

      ​@@kiritotheabridgedgod4178 to be fair, it would be a *very* hard task if he failed if anyone ever called him out once. Like, Mumbo's task last time was to tell three funny jokes. It would be very unbalanced

    • @ukrivu
      @ukrivu 28 dias atrás +37

      ​@@kiritotheabridgedgod4178 i think it's more fair this way considering all the other tasks so far, and the wording could very well be interpreted the way grian did it, so there's really no harm in doing it that way yk

    • @voidboi2831
      @voidboi2831 27 dias atrás +9

      @@kiritotheabridgedgod4178i see how you could interpret it that way but that interpretation is unnecessarily difficult imo

  • @mrtoast244
    @mrtoast244 24 dias atrás +276

    I swear BigB is just using the "just make confusion your natural state so that nobody can tell what my secret is" strategy

  • @taylor9443
    @taylor9443 Mês atrás +601

    Task idea: Make something that *looks* like a very obvious trap but actually does nothing, and then convince someone to spring it.

    • @Aidan-zc8wx
      @Aidan-zc8wx 29 dias atrás +8

      I had a similar idea!!!

    • @dynamicdra5412
      @dynamicdra5412 14 dias atrás +3

      pretty easy, just place down a very suspicious button and scar will press it with no hesitation

  • @idealcookie.
    @idealcookie. Mês atrás +2317

    Task idea? Confuse BigB more than he can confuse you, without him questioning it.

  • @Yeloman7
    @Yeloman7 29 dias atrás +361

    Task idea: follow Scar for 10 minutes straight, your not allowed to say anything only laugh

  • @terencevangaalen4127
    @terencevangaalen4127 Mês atrás +238

    Etho thinking fast and putting a boat under that creeper... 11/10

  • @Atlass1
    @Atlass1 Mês atrás +516

    Task idea: Say the word banana in 4 separate conversations without getting called out

  • @ryanmitchell4426
    @ryanmitchell4426 Mês atrás +23

    I feel like Grian has an inherent advantage in Secret Life, coming across Grian doing weird thing is pretty much just expected behavior.

  • @hemogoblin2435
    @hemogoblin2435 Mês atrás +125

    Watching Mumbo’s and then watching Grian’s is like watching Hermione with the time turner 14:31

    • @RoshFragger
      @RoshFragger 20 dias atrás +13

      That's the beauty of this series. You get to view it from everyone's perspective :D

  • @RandomPerson12434
    @RandomPerson12434 Mês atrás +1600

    Task idea: Have a 5 minute conversation with BigB where you are acting weirder than him.

    • @dragongal9714
      @dragongal9714 Mês atrás +197

      or, alternatively, just agree with everything he says, accepting it as fact and not questioning him.

    • @naten6981
      @naten6981 Mês atrás +21

      both of these would be a hard task

    • @user-rj2ks1gn9k
      @user-rj2ks1gn9k Mês atrás +14

      impossible, BigB is the king of doing random things this season.

    • @user-ci7zh8lr9i
      @user-ci7zh8lr9i Mês atrás +5

      im not sure that would be possible

    • @Froggycolouring
      @Froggycolouring Mês atrás +6

      What if he got the task though

  • @yellowjay756
    @yellowjay756 Mês atrás +105

    i like that scar was like “i gave you a monopoly” and then was surprised when you charged exorbitant prices. that’s what a monopoly does!

  • @bleachbleachBLEACHER
    @bleachbleachBLEACHER Mês atrás +106

    Task idea: Nametag a hostile mob and leave it in another player's base. Do not get caught.

    • @archivewarrior8535
      @archivewarrior8535 7 dias atrás +3

      That could be a good red task (if those aren’t all just “kill ___”). Or maybe just a hard task

    • @BlueBanana.
      @BlueBanana. Dia atrás

      Damn some of theese suggestions are good!

  • @Real_Amphy
    @Real_Amphy Mês atrás +195

    Knowing that grian was here durring the cow trade is magnificent. Secret life is the first of this groups series that make me want to watch them all to see where everyones tasks cross over.

  • @ForestAnomaly
    @ForestAnomaly Mês atrás +106

    Grian this season is like "Imma make a windows screensaver, but the pipes are birch"
    10/10 abstract art base

    • @SDWNJ
      @SDWNJ 22 dias atrás +2

      Very Escher-esque.

  • @Zylorift
    @Zylorift Mês atrás +73

    I have a task idea: Convince someone to follow you to a random place far way and leave them there without them realising you're gone.

  • @liamkampff1
    @liamkampff1 Mês atrás +802

    BigB being so whimsical and suspicious for literally no reason is my favourite thing 💀

    • @glassbirdfeather
      @glassbirdfeather Mês atrás +61

      It's a good strategy, if you're always doing something suspicious then any weird behavior for the task doesn't stand out as much. But I don't think he's doing it on purpose.

    • @azr3ii
      @azr3ii Mês atrás +8

      ​@@glassbirdfeatherhe definitely is LMAO 💀

  • @anshsoniYT
    @anshsoniYT 29 dias atrás +77

    I love how this series is just people having the most random interactions with each other

  • @georgewl
    @georgewl 29 dias atrás +48

    Task Idea: Promise to help 3 different people with something, then help them with it but walk away halfways through

  • @TextualDeviant
    @TextualDeviant Mês atrás +54

    Task Idea: spend 10 minutes with BigB pretending as though nothing he says is strange. Fail if you laugh or give an adverse reaction.

  • @MarshMalo8
    @MarshMalo8 Mês atrás +53

    Task Idea: Convince someone that you have done something for them until they actually believe it.

  • @clairemurphy3953
    @clairemurphy3953 Mês atrás +22

    If I had a nickel for every time Grian was tasked with moving doors in a series I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot… but it’s weird that it happened twice.

  • @romanseco_2781
    @romanseco_2781 Mês atrás +864

    Task idea: Be solidarity's bodyguard for 15 minutes, if he takes damage, reset the timer
    (We can't let him be out first again)

  • @allmyfellasz0
    @allmyfellasz0 28 dias atrás +19

    The fact that Lizzie thought it was her composter is just crazy.

  • @unicornqueen8726
    @unicornqueen8726 29 dias atrás +35

    Secret task: give 10 people a flower! They don’t have to keep it, it must simply be accepted into their inventory (knowingly or not)

  • @Brimoe18
    @Brimoe18 Mês atrás +25

    I feel like BigB is in cahoots with the secret keeper and is getting additional weird tasks 😂

  • @ShonicBurn
    @ShonicBurn 29 dias atrás +10

    seeing you move the door and her freaking out from you side is hilarious because everyone just thought she was going crazy over a door for no reason.

  • @snaperslab0218
    @snaperslab0218 Mês atrás +39

    Task idea: Make a collaborative task where it involves and is assigned to 2 or more people to complete, like a joint task

  • @DaPumpkinHead
    @DaPumpkinHead Mês atrás +695

    Task Idea: Build a redstone machine that doesn't work and have Mumbo, Etho, or Tango compliment it.

    • @planetfall5056
      @planetfall5056 Mês atrás +45

      love it! Maybe not specifically mumbo tho. I think it'd be better if any redstoner complimenting it would work. Like Tango or Etho too.

    • @wooblydooblygod3857
      @wooblydooblygod3857 Mês atrás +2


    • @pro_scooterboy5000
      @pro_scooterboy5000 Mês atrás +7

      imagine mumbo gets this task lol

    • @DaPumpkinHead
      @DaPumpkinHead Mês atrás +1

      @planetfall5056 i like that. Ill change it.

  • @ak471077
    @ak471077 Mês atrás +9

    Task idea: "the next hermit you see after reading this is your Nemesis, treat them as such for at least half the session"

  • @josephwodarczyk977
    @josephwodarczyk977 Mês atrás +18

    Just wanna say I really appreciate your editing. You have the magic ability to make everything more interesting to watch. Even when the same scene is boring in someone else's video. Also the cuts are always at just the right time. Like it really adds a lot to these videos.

  • @thomasfplm
    @thomasfplm Mês atrás +33

    I think BigB is trying to keep everyone so confused about him, that no one can call him about anything he's doing if he eventually gets a task where he can't be called out.

  • @laviniaclark9113
    @laviniaclark9113 Mês atrás +13

    I’m really liking this series. Some of the tasks seem way too difficult (such as Lizzie’s this session), but that’s to be expected with a series like this.
    Honestly, if y’all were to do several Secret Life series, I wouldn’t complain

  • @thatguyro687
    @thatguyro687 Mês atrás +14

    I have a brilliant idea:
    -Place any block of your choosing near a person whenever you leave the conversation, do this for 5 people without getting called out.

  • @TheGreenPig8
    @TheGreenPig8 Mês atrás +2206

    Idea: Have a 5 minute conversation with Pearl using an australian accent

    • @bokchoyoyoy
      @bokchoyoyoy Mês atrás +68

      But then Pearl can't get the task XD

    • @elliot-rc
      @elliot-rc Mês atrás +122

      @@bokchoyoyoyit could just be to do someone’s accent in a conversation with them

    • @amandapanda2142
      @amandapanda2142 Mês atrás +83

      @@bokchoyoyoy If Pearl gets it she can talk to herself, lol. After all, we did get the Star Wars Scar

    • @LK-ir2pg
      @LK-ir2pg Mês atrás +46

      @@bokchoyoyoy there’s been plenty of secrets to do to or with a specific person. Somehow they are making it work🤷🏼‍♀️

    • @Deven-Nisha307
      @Deven-Nisha307 Mês atrás +24

      As an Australian my self I want this to get chosen.

  • @thorman2005
    @thorman2005 Mês atrás +14

    I'm laughing SO MUCH just by the interactions between all the friends

  • @gradykuijper368
    @gradykuijper368 Mês atrás +2

    Task Idea: Have a "friendsgiving" with at least 5 other players. A table must be built and places set. Everyone coming must bring one of the following: Chicken, Bread, Pumpkin Pie, Baked Potatoes, Soup of some kind, or Honey. You can tell people what to bring, and make sure they bring enough to feed everyone! Here's the catch: None of the players must know they are coming to a thanksgiving feast. If 2 players ask you if it is a thanksgiving feast, you fail. Bonus wholesome if everyone says things they're thankful for!

  • @A1Xx-
    @A1Xx- Mês atrás +6

    Task Idea: Start a fortune telling business (make sure the fortune is something unusual and not something TOO predictable). The objective: Later on in the session, actually make that prophecy come to life (e.g. you have just told someone that a dog named Samuel will approach them at some time during the session-- then, you plant that dog somewhere near their base without them actually seeing you place/bring that dog there). :D

  • @alekslala4413
    @alekslala4413 29 dias atrás +2

    Task idea: Lead 4 different people to the secret keeper, making them think you completed or failed your task. Run past the statue and refuse to elaborate until the task is complete.

  • @user-zk8py8ig2h
    @user-zk8py8ig2h 28 dias atrás +9

    Task/secret idea:
    Spontaneously scream during every conversation for the first 20 minutes of the session. Offer no explanation.

  • @welp4130
    @welp4130 Mês atrás +636

    Task Idea: Try to convince everyone you have already completed your task, but tell each person a slightly different story.

  • @Edgar-Egg
    @Edgar-Egg Mês atrás +3

    Suggestion: Give somebody a diamond (or anything made out of diamonds, ancient debris should count too) without them thanking you for it, you can't ask for it back.
    Suggestion 2: Turn someone's base/house into dirt (fe. turn someone's house into a dirt hut or a cave into a dirt cave) without them noticing you did it.

  • @oberonpanopticon
    @oberonpanopticon Mês atrás +2

    I think the issue with a lot of these challenges is that they count on people being called out, but the people in this series are just too empathetic! Even if they figure out what someone else’s task is, it seems more likely than not that they’ll just go along with it.
    But this can have the opposite effect too, like with solidarity’s task this episode!

  • @emuannihilator5774
    @emuannihilator5774 Mês atrás +7

    Task idea: Build a monument dedicated to one of your fellow players, showing how much you appreciate them!

  • @m4rt_
    @m4rt_ 28 dias atrás +2

    Task Idea:
    Sing a song to three players, and get at least one player to join in for each song session.

  • @alyssaackerson9017
    @alyssaackerson9017 Mês atrás +14

    Hard task: have other people reference each of the previous life series in some way

  • @tigg_1579
    @tigg_1579 Mês atrás +2685

    Task suggestion:
    Find someone to follow without them knowing for 5 or 10 mins and narrate what they are doing the whole time.

  • @joewrape1471
    @joewrape1471 28 dias atrás +3

    There needs to be an episode where everyone has the same task, except they can't turn in their task until the last 10 minutes of the session as one of the requirements of it

  • @crow__bar
    @crow__bar Mês atrás +2

    Task suggestion that would also be a potential idea for a boogeyman mechanic in the series: The players task would be to stop another player from doing their task. Basically from the behaviour of the other players they need to do their best to guess what their task is and then sabotage it. Call them out for what they do, etc. Probably better for this to be a hard task because it is pretty complex. It could also be turned fully into a boogeyman mechanic. Here the boogeymans job would either again be to stop someone from doing their task, or to guess correctly what someones task is. If they fail, they go down a life. If they suceed, it counts as a hard task with better rewards. There is also the potential for making the targeted player fail their task automatically, if the boogeyman guesses it correctly.

  • @silvereyed
    @silvereyed 28 dias atrás +2

    task ideas:
    1) if any of the members has an organized storage, you must rummage through it and disorganize while they are at their base with you! dont get caught obviously
    2) lure 2 members with a fishing rod without them knowing to a known landmark. try to convince them to go with you. distance does not matter!

  • @hermanhagerup794
    @hermanhagerup794 29 dias atrás +2

    Hard task idea: move some part of someones base 5 blocks to see if they notice it within 5 min

  • @kanjiclub
    @kanjiclub 28 dias atrás +1

    Task Idea: Silently observe someone until they "pay you to go away"

  • @JamAttack
    @JamAttack Mês atrás +321

    I love how everyone acts all weird cuz of their secret tasks but bigB just acts weird with no reason.

  • @aardappelgang6335
    @aardappelgang6335 Mês atrás +2

    One of the hard task should be to keep scar from taking damage for ... minutes

  • @yuuuekki
    @yuuuekki Mês atrás +4

    Maybe for a task you could add something like "Get 3 people to give you (specific item) without them getting suspicious". It could be something not super common like Sugarcane or Cactus

  • @CuxtleM
    @CuxtleM 29 dias atrás +1

    Task: Convince 2 different people to let you take a part of their base and then you have to put those parts on your base.

  • @sydmeurer6498
    @sydmeurer6498 28 dias atrás +1

    When you’re done with the strange stair structure, you could put a tower in the center and make it all kinds of tipsy Turvy colors? You could call it the danger zone and make it a dropper too-

  • @xplosiveash454
    @xplosiveash454 Mês atrás +2

    Task Idea: have a conversation in which you say "Pesky Bird" at least 3 times in a conversation without the other person asking about it.

  • @Obrik
    @Obrik Mês atrás +1

    I think a Rule Arbiter would be good. Someone who isn't playing, and can answer people's questions about "Did I complete my task or not?" so they don't fail one they did (or claim one they didn't yet meet).

  • @jawwadmacaraya9865
    @jawwadmacaraya9865 Mês atrás +7

    Task idea: convince soneone to sit on a llama sitting on a boat outside of water, then let THEM justify why its reasonable to do so.

  • @ThatGuyNamedK
    @ThatGuyNamedK Mês atrás +5

    Be BigB's lackey for an entire session

  • @Dream_day83
    @Dream_day83 Mês atrás +1

    Task idea-Try to get jimmy and Scott to pair up like a matchmaker and do that to the entire server

  • @whimie1235
    @whimie1235 Mês atrás +3

    Task idea: get 3 other members to say the same exact thing throughout the session

  • @sonderlust-
    @sonderlust- Mês atrás +294

    Task Idea: listen in on someone's conversation while remaining unseen, then later talk to them about things they've said to themselves. If they don't confront you about it the task is completed.

  • @MaiIsStupid
    @MaiIsStupid Mês atrás +2

    Scar definitely forgot that helmets aren't allowed but Grian isn't saying anything. Just like Etho said, Scar is allowed because he's special.

  • @abuslume4169
    @abuslume4169 22 dias atrás

    I feel like you should be able to share your secret task with one person. It would make things more interesting, though harder to keep track of.

  • @59spooky70
    @59spooky70 Mês atrás +1

    Seeing how Grian pulled off the door thing was so interesting to see. I watched Lizzie’s POV first so so this was really funny.

  • @wonktootie
    @wonktootie 28 dias atrás +1

    Props to Grian for spawn proofing and prettying up the common areas of the server!

  • @Boretsch
    @Boretsch Mês atrás

    Task idea: Tell 3 people 3 different stories about the purpose of your abstract base and convince them to use it for said purpose.

  • @taylorsurico5068
    @taylorsurico5068 Mês atrás +647

    Wait, there actually was someone tunneling under Lizzie's base? She thought it was just her composter and stopped looking, you got lucky there.

    • @_darcc
      @_darcc Mês atrás +7

      tbf he would have gotten away with it anyway since he's invis

    • @otherodd
      @otherodd Mês atrás +22

      @@_darccNot at that point?

  • @NyanKami_
    @NyanKami_ Mês atrás

    i think what would make the game more interesting is having the task revealed to every player in ui on the right after the task is completed just so everyone can see why their friends were acting weird during a session

  • @loganwilliams4958
    @loganwilliams4958 24 dias atrás +1

    I know I’m a little late but,
    Task idea: you must go to y-level 80 as so as you can. Once there you can’t let your y-level drop below 75 for the rest of the session

  • @unintegrated
    @unintegrated Mês atrás +1

    Task idea: In every conversation you have, you have to pretend you're meeting the person for the first time.

  • @AegisGaming99
    @AegisGaming99 28 dias atrás +1

    Task Idea: Integrate 10 honeyblocks into your design for a build and have no one discuss it

  • @thefox5425
    @thefox5425 Mês atrás +2

    I think Secret life is my favorite series so far, limited life was also something or even double life. You never know what is the players tasks, those secret tasks add savors to the dish, wether is to do pranks or confusing the participants. Every episode is another mystery and unpredictable twist. BY the way, here is a task idea, hide several buttons in everyone house, if they spot you placing them, you fail.

  • @spectacle2
    @spectacle2 Mês atrás +185

    task idea: lure somebody into a trap that doesn't kill them. just mildly annoys them

  • @ros7275
    @ros7275 26 dias atrás +1

    task idea: place painting(s) in 1-3 houses and talk to people (can be the owner) about those paintings and how good they are. You can't be accused of it being a task otherwise that one won't count. But if they just hint towards it being a task it'll count. They out right have to accuse u of it being a task using the word task for it not to count. btw love you're vids! Hope this task makes the cut.

  • @Gambsmoore
    @Gambsmoore 29 dias atrás +1

    big b is so funny, I love him in every one of these.

  • @thedeltastrat
    @thedeltastrat 28 dias atrás +2

    Task suggestion: get three hermits (excluding you) to sing a song together, without you beginning the song or singing it/saying the lyrics in any way

  • @beans9518
    @beans9518 29 dias atrás +2

    Task Idea: CELEBRATION! You’ve “just remembered” that a player’s birthday is today! But the party needs guests because they have no friends. You need to get at least 3 people to celebrate it with you!

  • @Andrew_Nebergall
    @Andrew_Nebergall 28 dias atrás

    Secret idea: don’t talk or message in chat with anyone for part of a session (or all of one, for a harder task). You can’t mute yourself, and if someone hears you, you have to start over the time or fail, depending on the length you have to be silent for.

  • @Dialguy
    @Dialguy Mês atrás +709

    Task Idea: Only refer to players as their FULL IGN for 30 minutes of a session. For example Scar would have to be called "GoodTimeWithScar"

  • @SynTech__
    @SynTech__ Mês atrás

    Task idea: have an assigned player that you have to follow for the whole session. If they ask questions you just have to change the subject and leave them confused

  • @dry5aoe827
    @dry5aoe827 Mês atrás +1

    Task idea: Compliment 5 people after they did something weird.Goal: make them think things they did was actually impressive

  • @Aidan-zc8wx
    @Aidan-zc8wx 29 dias atrás +2

    Idea: build a very obvious and intimidating redstone contraption that just dispenses flowers into another players inventory, then convince 3 people to activate the redstone.
    (this plays off of people's fears of traps and overall suspicion, but is actually harmless)

  • @soeskaystar6485
    @soeskaystar6485 29 dias atrás +1

    Task idea: don't take any damage for the entire episode

  • @caseybaierl1562
    @caseybaierl1562 Mês atrás +1

    In the spirit of Halloween, I see Grian's house as a spider web. When reds start showing up, someone is gonna walk up and die there.

  • @pastelcat879
    @pastelcat879 Mês atrás +613

    Task Idea: Connect at least 2 people’s bases with an underground tunnel without being caught.

    • @DJ_from_bawnkers
      @DJ_from_bawnkers Mês atrás +7

      That would definitely be a hard mode task

    • @OiNathann
      @OiNathann Mês atrás +1

      Lol I thought of that too but with everyone's bases but not as a task, but as means to easy access to everyone's bases when things get a bit dicey

    • @melonmusk6464
      @melonmusk6464 Mês atrás +5

      Alright, someone liked hermitcraft season 7 a bit more than usual

    • @KawsMeCal
      @KawsMeCal Mês atrás +3

      ​@@DJ_from_bawnkersSuper easy for a lot of the houses grouped up actually.

    • @interesting9688
      @interesting9688 Mês atrás

      love it, but have a minimum distance the tunnel length has to be

  • @violetknaack5139
    @violetknaack5139 Mês atrás +1

    Task idea:
    Have an awkward silence in a conversation 4 times
    Follow around a player and question everything they do for 25 mins
    Give a tour around the server to 6 players

  • @ashleywheeler812
    @ashleywheeler812 26 dias atrás +1

    task idea: get everyone on the server together and do anything of your choice

  • @tarrisfairbroke6899
    @tarrisfairbroke6899 29 dias atrás +1

    Hard task Idea: Build a tunnel network between all player bases without being noticed.
    Ideas for small mercies on this task:
    1: Conjoined bases only need one entrance.
    2: A bases with a perimeter wall can have the entrance within the wall not the base itself.
    3: A cluster of bases (3 or more) in a village like set up can have a minimum of 2 entrances no less than 30 blocks apart from each other

  • @originalusername121
    @originalusername121 25 dias atrás

    Big B is easily the most mysterious character of this series

  • @lucindajohnson8406
    @lucindajohnson8406 Mês atrás +1

    Task idea: don’t talk to anyone for at least 10 minutes of the session, if they try talking to you run away or just ignore them

  • @gribblegrape6496
    @gribblegrape6496 Mês atrás +1357

    Grian sure has a history with needing to steal peoples doors.
    Also since this comments is getting a lot of likes I’ll put my task ides here,
    TASK IDEA inspired by skizz : complement or at least interact with every player on the server.

    • @ThatDevilBrony
      @ThatDevilBrony Mês atrás +98

      It’s a medical condition, or an addiction, either one

    • @Froggie124
      @Froggie124 Mês atrás +48

      I was looking for a HCS7 comment!

    • @Meals-sh9fs
      @Meals-sh9fs Mês atrás +54

      I saw the video title and was like:
      Oh boy, here we go again!

    • @B3T4T3ST
      @B3T4T3ST Mês atrás +29

      Who is this grain character?

    • @acid_dude_82
      @acid_dude_82 Mês atrás +5


  • @GordonTheSupreme
    @GordonTheSupreme Mês atrás +1

    hard idea: convince at least 5 people to let you take their heart, by any means

  • @SundaeGaming-ez8zt
    @SundaeGaming-ez8zt 14 dias atrás +1

    For your base: you fill in space between the diagonals with quartz or another block :D

  • @vitalous
    @vitalous Mês atrás

    Dang he's so organized in safety measures, with these golden apples and torches
    Probably crafted more torches than this entire server
    Undoubtefully, "The Light of the Server" he is