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Secret Life: Episode 5 - GETTING INVOLVED!

  • Publicado em 16 Nov 2023
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    Welcome to the next life series, secret life! We have 30 hearts per life, no regen and a whole bunch of secrets! If you would like to suggest a task, leave it in the comments! Remember we are looking for social interactions and funny content.
    We can do /gift to give away 1 free heart per session.
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Comentários • 6 mil

  • @Grian
    @Grian  11 dias atrás +2341

    Listen up hall monitors:
    1. "Grian you didn't keep an inventory spot open on pearls task" - The task says that is for the original owner (Pearl) not the new owner.
    2. "You didn't fail, you called the session end!" - Your task is active until you press the button. Calling the end of the session means to meet at the keeper.
    We self moderate this series, so please don't hall monitor!

    • @moonl1314
      @moonl1314 11 dias atrás +71

      well said.

    • @charlescalvin7654
      @charlescalvin7654 11 dias atrás +143

      I feel bad that others can have such a high level of entitlement on a series that isnt even theirs.

    • @QuincyBrooklyn
      @QuincyBrooklyn 11 dias atrás +49

      This was really tricky for you because you couldn’t really participate with one heart because you were basically guaranteed to die

    • @TheMiningCrafter
      @TheMiningCrafter 11 dias atrás +43

      Hey Grian, just so you know, there's a formatting mistake with the captions at about 12:01

    • @moonl1314
      @moonl1314 11 dias atrás +36

      @@TheMiningCrafter a fellow captions user, good job catching that

  • @kashino55archive94
    @kashino55archive94 14 dias atrás +1486

    Grian saying "I won fair and square!" only for BigB to say "He did WIN..." is utterly delightful

  • @Vares65
    @Vares65 11 dias atrás +986

    Seriously though, gotta respect Pearl for telling after she dropped the book in Grian's inventory. That's straight up class

    • @olegfedorov3225
      @olegfedorov3225 9 dias atrás +52

      She was telling everybody after she'd drop the book successfully. Big respect for that.

  • @error_606
    @error_606 12 dias atrás +819

    It’s cool to see Grian with a different group this time! As much as I love Grian, Mumbo and Scar combo, it’s fun to see the different interactions and side of these groups!

    • @Evie0h
      @Evie0h 8 dias atrás +6

      Wasn’t he not in a group with any of them last time though? Mumbo hasn’t been in this series for a few of them anyways

    • @Psionic-soon-to-be
      @Psionic-soon-to-be 8 dias atrás +1

      yep mumbo i dont believe he was in the last life series but hes still a great person and grian i think teamed up with cleo i think they were cosins while others were her children

  • @osamudazai579
    @osamudazai579 11 dias atrás +268

    Watching Grian climb and build small towers with 1 heart is giving me a panic attack.

  • @Gage-nt
    @Gage-nt 10 dias atrás +493

    TASK IDEA: You must use pre-recorded messages to communicate, but can also communicate using charades/building things, you may record messages at any time throughout the episode, but you cannot speak to people directly.

    • @void7mapping711
      @void7mapping711 8 dias atrás +23

      I like it as a hard task

    • @theAstarrr
      @theAstarrr 8 dias atrás +17

      That's a hard one.

    • @mr_dodex
      @mr_dodex 7 dias atrás +3

      So just don’t talk to cheese it.

    • @void7mapping711
      @void7mapping711 6 dias atrás +8

      @@mr_dodex true, that might also lead yellows to guess incorrectly
      To fix that the task could include a talking requirement, you have to say a certain number of things (like say "hello" at least once per conversation, if someone talks to you then you must reply, etc)

  • @jakofthefrost
    @jakofthefrost 14 dias atrás +3401

    Grian and Etho admitting to each other how they rigged the draw lmaooo

    • @starchaserxsunseeker
      @starchaserxsunseeker 14 dias atrás +153

      Lmfao true friendship right there

      @EEEEEEEE 13 dias atrás +10


    • @StormCloudLuvid
      @StormCloudLuvid 6 dias atrás

      @@EEEEEEEE yes E

    • @Vox_Ebyss
      @Vox_Ebyss 6 dias atrás +1

      @EEEEEEEE eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • @gristen
      @gristen 5 dias atrás +3

      they were sharing the brain cell

  • @nixnootz3352
    @nixnootz3352 11 dias atrás +98

    Task idea: go the entire session without going through a door or other traditional entrance.

  • @ekish
    @ekish 11 dias atrás +163

    9:30 is the reason why you need to see all the POVs.
    Etho quirky era is the greatest thing to happen since the Life series.

  • @robotjosh2239
    @robotjosh2239 12 dias atrás +248

    Here’s a fun task idea.
    The book just says: “Go and collect your reward from the secret keeper for free……”
    And then the next page would say: “……Unless you decided to turn the page, in which case you now have to reroll for a hard task.”

  • @whatTFisThis
    @whatTFisThis 5 dias atrás +30

    the living situation of Etho, Cleo, Bdubs and Grian is infinitely entertaining

  • @ariannebrodeur2997
    @ariannebrodeur2997 12 dias atrás +82

    Bdubs’ genuine “PFT both of you? im gunna puke.” was SO FUNNY FOR NO REASON IM CRYINGGG

  • @lonelyfox7778
    @lonelyfox7778 14 dias atrás +12609

    I love how Grian's task is essentially just "be yourself"

    • @skalleywagg
      @skalleywagg 14 dias atrás +156

      I was thinking this too 😂

      @EEEEEEEE 14 dias atrás +13

      E‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎

    • @pixelartjack
      @pixelartjack 14 dias atrás +12


    • @MoonyxxArt
      @MoonyxxArt 14 dias atrás +128

      All of them have lol
      1. Puns
      3. Double life? not really
      4. Singing everything u say, also not that grian esc
      5. BE URSELFFF

    • @even_cooler_name_w_israel
      @even_cooler_name_w_israel 14 dias atrás +49

      and he failed

  • @apolloj23
    @apolloj23 9 dias atrás +80

    Lizzie's 'well you must be eager for the birthday party, let's go' was some excellent comedic timing!

  • @itsnotjustgibberish
    @itsnotjustgibberish 8 dias atrás +67

    TASK SUGGESTION: Choose a specific member and act like an NPC around them in both actions and speech for the session. You must have at least 5 different interactions with them. If your person is yellow they cannot guess your task. Other yellows can only guess your task if they guess the specific person.

  • @womslay
    @womslay 12 dias atrás +285

    I count Grian as having won, it was the end of the session, he succeeded.

    • @julianemery718
      @julianemery718 11 dias atrás +49

      Actually, yeah, he announced the end, THEN the jumping over the campfire happened.

    • @daliks7565
      @daliks7565 11 dias atrás +42

      @@julianemery718 No, he told Etho he would call it but he hadn't sent the chat message. Session only officially ends when all participants know it is at an end, i.e. when Grian sends the message. So he fails

    • @kokosek3036
      @kokosek3036 11 dias atrás +9

      ​@@daliks7565but he was there and you can count being involved as being a spectator

    • @csmrookie9600
      @csmrookie9600 11 dias atrás +1

      So Grian’s gonna start off on being on one heart by next session?

    • @mrecury9809
      @mrecury9809 11 dias atrás +3

      wouldn’t he have to do lizzie’s bit too?

  • @JosephSchubert-ww7yj
    @JosephSchubert-ww7yj 8 dias atrás +14

    I like that Skizz keeps calling people by nicknames. G-Sharp is a cool one.

  • @jasoncoetzee879
    @jasoncoetzee879 12 dias atrás +83

    Munbo having a temper tantrum was so funny for me😅

  • @jas7256
    @jas7256 13 dias atrás +7149

    Grian didn’t rig the vote, it was the man in the pumpkin costume!

  • @DogeDogeMan
    @DogeDogeMan 11 dias atrás +71

    TASK IDEA: For one session, everyone has the same task. It's a competitive task in which around 3 players are guaranteed to fail. You can choose if everyone knows that they have the same task (and nullify yellow-green guessing), or have them try to figure it out by themselves.
    For the task itself you could pick something like "lose the least amount of health, bottom 3 lose" or something like that.

    • @rileyc3064
      @rileyc3064 9 dias atrás

      Great idea

    • @bumblerbree
      @bumblerbree 9 dias atrás +1

      this would be really great when everyone turns red!

    • @Haskou_exe
      @Haskou_exe 8 dias atrás +2

      What happens if they reroll?
      (this is not to be mean it is a genuine question)

  • @sick0fhome
    @sick0fhome 11 dias atrás +26

    a task where you have to have a “normal” monotone persona for the whole session, cannot scream no matter what, or get excited about anything

  • @SKYYYY841
    @SKYYYY841 12 dias atrás +143

    TASK IDEA: If your British or Australian speak in an American accent for 45mins of the session | If you are a Americans or Canadians speak in British accent for 45mins of the session

    • @shanesunil
      @shanesunil 12 dias atrás +9

      I think that's easy for Pearl, as she doesn't have a thick Australian accent and switches to British Accent very often.

    • @zo0m524
      @zo0m524 12 dias atrás +2

      @@shanesunil she has to speak in an american accent though according to the comment

    • @inkii-y
      @inkii-y 11 dias atrás +3

      imo issue with this is theres so many types of accents in each place you listed, ig you can say stereotypical accents for like British, Canadian, and Australian, but off the top of my head theres no one specificic overarching stereotypical accent for Americans

    • @dbseamz
      @dbseamz 11 dias atrás

      You've left someone out there.

    • @sshotaru3240
      @sshotaru3240 11 dias atrás

      @@dbseamz wait who? Ren isn't in this
      EDIT: are we not counting Canadian as American in this case?

  • @trianglr
    @trianglr 7 dias atrás +18

    TASK IDEA: You have to say "don't forget to like and subscribe" 5 times during inconvenient situations around other players.

  • @Hoodles321
    @Hoodles321 12 dias atrás +76

    Bdubs has been in my top three hermits since season 6, Grian, Cleo and Etho are just voicing what we're all thinking lol.

  • @vix_arilynn
    @vix_arilynn 13 dias atrás +1395

    Task idea: celebrate at the end of every interaction with other players like you just completed your task

    • @Ralsricat
      @Ralsricat 13 dias atrás +58

      this is pure genius

    • @snowyforest6058
      @snowyforest6058 13 dias atrás +54

      Extremely easy to guess by yellows, perhaps you only need to celebrate after interactions with greens?

    • @SashedPotato
      @SashedPotato 13 dias atrás +4

      Underrated task. Geniusss

    • @itoaste
      @itoaste 13 dias atrás +9

      that is so funny but like you'd have to avoid yellows so hard

    • @mothknight7050
      @mothknight7050 13 dias atrás +17

      To be fair u could totally throw in a ton of red herrings and get yellows to throw out their guess early or just try to avoid interacting a yellow twice or something could be fun

  • @NomadicRio
    @NomadicRio 10 dias atrás +8

    A cool task could be “Convince someone else to tell you their task if they do they don’t fail and you succeed”

  • @deborahsheets2604
    @deborahsheets2604 11 dias atrás +88

    9:30 i love how etho didnt even have to say that hes bdubs. Everyone just knew 😂 ah that moment killed me , so good 🤣

  • @felixrowan3740
    @felixrowan3740 12 dias atrás +9

    An idea for a task: You must avoid looking at a randomly given player for an entire episode, but interacting with them is still allowed.

  • @potatosans41
    @potatosans41 7 dias atrás +7

    Grian was like the kid who joined every single club in school this episode

  • @retroman6419
    @retroman6419 12 dias atrás +91

    The new Life series should be called Afterlife.
    When you die (as a red), you become a ghost. As soon as there is at least one ghost player in Afterlife, the ghosts will drift away from the normal upload schedule. They will have their own sessions in between the normal sessions, where they devise plans, make traps, and all around try to haunt the remaining Hermits.

    • @samuelphilips6091
      @samuelphilips6091 11 dias atrás +26

      Just a reminder that Grian specifically said that he wants the life series's to be something only he creates/thinks of. So if you make a suggestion he is much less likely to actually do that.

    • @_luna_9365
      @_luna_9365 11 dias atrás +1

      This is such a good idea!!!!!

    • @rileyc3064
      @rileyc3064 9 dias atrás +2

      ​@samuelphilips6091 It still is a bossibility it happened before the top comment of the last episode of limited life for grain was a suggestion for task life

    • @cecerats
      @cecerats 9 dias atrás +2

      it would be confusing because there's already an smp called afterlife and a bunch of members on the life series were on it

    • @red5_skywalker
      @red5_skywalker 9 dias atrás +1

      ​@@ceceratsThe Afterlife you're referring to is actually the second SMP called Afterlife, so this hypothetical would be number 3.

  • @screamingpenguin854
    @screamingpenguin854 13 dias atrás +1774

    Task idea: you must go AFK during conversations for very weird reasons. You succeed if someone else calls you out on it 3 times

    • @TheDidiDidi129
      @TheDidiDidi129 13 dias atrás +12

      Good idea

    • @RandomlyDuck
      @RandomlyDuck 13 dias atrás +4

      what if its a yellow ?

    • @bcmoore671
      @bcmoore671 12 dias atrás +4

      @@RandomlyDuck maybe all the yellows have to call you out?

    • @copias-5942
      @copias-5942 12 dias atrás +45

      @@RandomlyDuckthey’re saying if they call out you being afk not the task you’re doing

    • @joshuaskinner4419
      @joshuaskinner4419 11 dias atrás

      I like that

  • @ballsmen817
    @ballsmen817 11 dias atrás +11

    Task suggestion: every yes/no decision made must be made using a coin

  • @Miracle12348
    @Miracle12348 11 dias atrás +24

    The subtitles are *AMAZING* like anyone youtuber who adds subtitles instantly has my respect since I can’t hear that well, and like my gosh.

  • @SpiraLotus9
    @SpiraLotus9 12 dias atrás +9

    Task Idea / Suggestion:
    Picky Protector:
    In every interaction you must choose one of the people present to protect. If it’s nighttime, you protect them from specifically mobs. If it’s daytime, then players.
    If your chosen person takes damage more than a heart under your protection, you fail.
    Beware of red names in the day, monsters at night.

  • @smtoonentertainment
    @smtoonentertainment 9 dias atrás +3

    The enderman stealing the dirt and Grain panicking with Cleo laughing so hard in the back ground is a gold tier clip

  • @valkrts2594
    @valkrts2594 12 dias atrás +30

    [Task idea] By any means necessary get another player to involuntarily fall at least 50 blocks. (They don't need to take damage from the fall)

  • @scrungler
    @scrungler 11 dias atrás +7

    Task idea: Call everyone by their full youtube username for the entire session

  • @jamessantos3767
    @jamessantos3767 11 dias atrás +12

    Task Idea:
    Create a secret tunnel between two bases without them knowing it was you. You cannot use your own base for one of the connections. The base has to be actively used, so neither the burnt egg or big b’s back rooms count. The bases must be between two different groups, for example no connecting two different mounder bases together. If you are called out for making the tunnel, you can no longer use the base of the group that called you out as one of the connections. If they discover the secret tunnel but don’t know it was you, you can continue. You succeed when the tunnel is complete between the two bases and no members from either group has called you out for building it. The tunnel in considered complete when there’s a continuous direct path between the two bases that is traversable without breaking any blocks (you can use doors, tall grass and other things you can walk through to cover the entrances) You fail you have been called out by enough groups that you can’t connect two different bases or the tunnel isn’t complete by the end of the session. Try to break the trust of a few alliances by making them think they’re stealing from each other lol!

  • @hellflame3140
    @hellflame3140 9 dias atrás +4

    Cleo’s laugh gives me life

  • @cannons1165
    @cannons1165 9 dias atrás +1

    I don’t think I can put to words the sheer joy and laughter the life series give me, watched all of them and wanted to say it’s really amazing 😊

  • @Summers_End_
    @Summers_End_ 12 dias atrás +20

    Task Idea: You must pick two other players to reroll with you for a hard task. You are allowed to help each other but if even one of you fail to complete their task you all fail.

  • @evanscott5932
    @evanscott5932 13 dias atrás +1801

    TASK IDEA: If anyone asks you about your task, you must tell them you have already completed it and make up a fake task to tell them you completed. Every time you get asked, you must make up a different task. You fail if you get called out for lying.

    • @corruptlem0n868
      @corruptlem0n868 12 dias atrás +87

      Actually, that not a half bad idea. I wonder if there could be a hard task version of it where you say you completed your task, but are never allowed to lie about a task. Instead needing to change the subject before someone asks what it was

    • @shaelynnself6831
      @shaelynnself6831 12 dias atrás +27

      Or maybe you could tell them a past task you haven’t completed. You guys I think we are kinda genius

    • @meepx13
      @meepx13 11 dias atrás +17

      make a limit, if you are asked 5 times you win, or end of session without a fail

    • @tabybarkow8383
      @tabybarkow8383 10 dias atrás +2

      @@corruptlem0n868I think the task is hard enough lol

    • @Messerschmitt_BF_109G_10
      @Messerschmitt_BF_109G_10 10 dias atrás +1

      How are you supposed to complete that if it has no end?

  • @editorsgirl9806
    @editorsgirl9806 11 dias atrás +2

    Task idea: You are unable to say no to any request from anyone for the entire session.

  • @ANamelessSky
    @ANamelessSky 11 dias atrás +7

    Task Idea: Become a mini secret keeper wannabe. Go up to people 1on1 and ask them if they have succeeded in their task. If they have, reward them with something confusing or useless. If they haven't or have failed, give them vague advice on behalf of the secret keeper. Once you have rewarded or advised 5 people, you have completed this task. Yellow names are worth double.

  • @felixrowan3740
    @felixrowan3740 12 dias atrás +1

    Love the moments when Cleo has to save Grian with Grian desperately screaming for help from Cleo

  • @csmrookie9600
    @csmrookie9600 11 dias atrás +1

    There is gonna be so many animatics of this session.
    Especially Grian teetering on the edge of becoming a yellow.

  • @Iqbal_XD
    @Iqbal_XD 12 dias atrás +22

    7:21 cleo dying of laughter was hilarious😂

  • @Henry_overnight
    @Henry_overnight 14 dias atrás +2471

    Grian rigging the machine AND WINNING AND GETTING OFF SCOTT FREE is absolute mood

    • @potatoes5829
      @potatoes5829 14 dias atrás +203

      etho helped rig it too

    • @OmegaQuinn
      @OmegaQuinn 14 dias atrás +94

      Thats what happens when the one doing the drawing is part of your team.

    • @paxielle
      @paxielle 14 dias atrás +134

      Etho rigged it even more because he probably thought the quarts was bdubs lol. He took out everyone else's item.

    • @laughingtoon1240
      @laughingtoon1240 14 dias atrás +30

      the last one was too short to be a "Bit" so I would say that you Pass(aka you weren't there long enough and they stopped before you had a chance to change your answer).

    • @sepplschpeedruns281
      @sepplschpeedruns281 14 dias atrás +19

      That's all thanks to Etho 😂

  • @KosmicD
    @KosmicD 8 dias atrás +2

    Task Idea: Leave task book in an already made chest/furnace/ect in your base for the whole session. If anyone even teammates say anything about it you fail.

  • @dustwyrm
    @dustwyrm 7 dias atrás

    Each session gets better and better!

  • @zacherelmackerel5832
    @zacherelmackerel5832 12 dias atrás +2

    task idea: anytime you’re talking with a player and they mention the name of another player, you have to leave them and start talking to the name of the mentioned person

  • @ImpureVessel46
    @ImpureVessel46 7 dias atrás

    Grian and Etho are just going to start their episodes off standing at the re-roll button. 🤣

  • @Itsaluigi123
    @Itsaluigi123 12 dias atrás +1

    To the guy making the Task Compilations, it might be neat to change the perspective during Pearl’s section to whoever has the book, cause watching Grian’s scheming is amazing

  • @SashedPotato
    @SashedPotato 14 dias atrás +1378

    Task idea,
    "Approach a player and say you have something to show them at your base. If they say yes, walk in the complete opposite direction, insisting you know the way. The scenic route, must last at least 5 minutes."

  • @CelestialElla
    @CelestialElla 11 dias atrás +2

    Task Idea: get all the yellows to guess you task incorrectly, but each yellow has to guess something completely different from eachother

  • @southvale
    @southvale 7 dias atrás +3

    task idea pt 2: say everything like you’re reading from a script. try to cue or coach people on their lines for extra effect.

  • @hadleykibblewhite4877
    @hadleykibblewhite4877 12 dias atrás +2

    Task idea: you must do an impression of 3 separate people without them questioning it being for a task

  • @DanielPowell9992
    @DanielPowell9992 11 dias atrás

    Cleo had me falling out of my chair this session with that enderman farm bit.

  • @droidy365
    @droidy365 12 dias atrás +5

    Task suggestion: Listen out for what resource someone else needs/wants. Gather up an excessive amount of said resource and flood their base with it without them catching you. Alternatively, casually sell the excessive amount of said resource to them for a ludicrous price. If you are caught by your target player or accused of eavesdropping, you must move on to a new player. If this happens 3 times, you will fail your task. You may ask other players about what someone wants, but be cautious when doing so.

  • @qpluto
    @qpluto 13 dias atrás +1319

    the way Jimmy inched forward, looked down at your item, just _gasped_ quietly & immediately ran away

    • @noyes9743
      @noyes9743 13 dias atrás +61

      limited life trauma

    • @TheWaffleLord6787
      @TheWaffleLord6787 13 dias atrás +31


    • @mysteriafox
      @mysteriafox 12 dias atrás +53

      And the way he looked back as grian pulled out the powered rail, immediately going nOOO-

    • @Chigger
      @Chigger 12 dias atrás +29

      Jimmy brought a knife to a fistfight, but Grian brought a gun to the knifefight.

    • @angadgrewal9324
      @angadgrewal9324 12 dias atrás +5

      this comment is really funny without context

  • @HeavenLacina
    @HeavenLacina 11 dias atrás +1

    Task idea: You are going through a personality crisis. After every interaction you have, you must take on the personality of the person you had the interaction with (when the interaction involves more than one person you can decide what person to morph into).

  • @xriot_9503
    @xriot_9503 10 dias atrás +2

    You completed your task because it says that they don’t need to ask so essentially you have to join in on your own without them asking so technically you didn’t fail but if you want you can take a poll with the other players and see what they think

  • @Brianna-tl2gk
    @Brianna-tl2gk 12 dias atrás +2

    Task idea : you can only answer questions with more questions, you must last half the session without being called out on it.

  • @Cathe_katheGonzalez-mn9cg
    @Cathe_katheGonzalez-mn9cg 9 dias atrás +1

    Task idea : You must say a line from a musical at least once every conversation if you get called out for doing so then you fail . Task is succeeded at end of session.

  • @builtinaday_2373
    @builtinaday_2373 12 dias atrás

    Task suggestion: For the whole session, whenever you talk to someone, do an impression of that person.

  • @small_and_dangerous2068
    @small_and_dangerous2068 13 dias atrás +2280

    Grian’s high screeched “HELP ME CLEO!” Scream needs to be animated 🤣

    • @missmouse_animations
      @missmouse_animations 13 dias atrás +59

      Your wish is my command

    • @TinyHam-qe3et
      @TinyHam-qe3et 13 dias atrás +16

      I want it as a ring tone 😂 I can't stop rewatching this part. I don't think I'll ever get through the rest of the video lmao

    • @RyanSoltani
      @RyanSoltani 13 dias atrás +11

      @@missmouse_animationswe will wait in anticipation

    • @classicalheroes8910
      @classicalheroes8910 13 dias atrás +7

      ​@@missmouse_animations someone lmk when it's out ❤

    • @fate7418
      @fate7418 13 dias atrás +1

      Let’s be honest, it probably will be XD

  • @CadeVoidlighter
    @CadeVoidlighter 10 dias atrás +1

    Holy crap I was gripped with fear that whole time-Grian with one heart is crazy hard for me to watch. Sprint jumping everywhere, with extra parkour just for fun... building towers... doing a diving board competition!? I'm gonna have to take some deep breaths after all of that 💀

  • @stevenpardue2373
    @stevenpardue2373 9 dias atrás +1

    Hard task or regular task. Make sure solidarity is the first person out this series if he isn’t the first out you lose a life. If not completed in the session it carries over into the next session so on so forth.

  • @KBKEV950
    @KBKEV950 8 dias atrás +1

    Task suggestion: for 30 minutes of the session when talking to other players use signs as your way of speaking.

  • @js-pg2hc
    @js-pg2hc 11 dias atrás +1

    I have a task idea: Say yes to and do everything (not directly harmfull) people asks you to for the entire session.

  • @user-cp5lg2of1p
    @user-cp5lg2of1p 12 dias atrás +3

    Task idea: Make someone help you with an imaginary task for at least 5 minutes and not get called out on it if you do you can do it again. You will have to do this successfully twice with different people each time.

  • @Nihilore
    @Nihilore 13 dias atrás +2154

    Grian subtly making sure he has no spare inventory slots when Pearl is around lol

    • @gunchbandit4422
      @gunchbandit4422 13 dias atrás +102

      Contrary to the rules of her book, he was to leave a slot open.

    • @Fox-Loki
      @Fox-Loki 13 dias atrás +16

      Oh yeah! 29:50 I was confused by that at first

    • @EaterOfGeese
      @EaterOfGeese 13 dias atrás +23

      He double failed

    • @hamishwest7081
      @hamishwest7081 13 dias atrás +286

      ​@@gunchbandit4422actually, I'm pretty sure only the original owner had to leave a slot open.

  • @ashtondoublet8334
    @ashtondoublet8334 8 dias atrás

    I appreciate the work you put into manually distinguishing who says what in the captions, it really helps out a lot.
    Edit: also i cant hear bdubs say "Cheese" without thinking of that time when him and an enderman formed a brief friendship back in season 7 of hermitcraft. 😅

  • @DarkRaiderDoesNotExist
    @DarkRaiderDoesNotExist 9 dias atrás +1

    Suggestion: You have to now use inappropriate tools on blocks for the entire session,
    Example: Pickaxe on wood, Sword on dirt, Axe on stone, etc.
    You're excused to use the correct tools only around Yellows and Reds.
    If you accidentally use an appropriate tool for a block when you're alone or with greens, you fail once.
    Two fails and you lose.

  • @Natalia_SatreXx69
    @Natalia_SatreXx69 9 dias atrás +3

    Bdubs has been in my top three hermits since season 6, Grian, Cleo and Etho are just voicing what we're all thinking lol.

  • @tastytoast3869
    @tastytoast3869 11 dias atrás +2

    Hard task:
    You cant jump for the whole session


    Task idea: convince someone you’ve completed a task you haven’t, if you’re called out you fail

  • @Haz4ler
    @Haz4ler 14 dias atrás +2314

    The amount of luck that Grian survived that fall with one heart. Just as a reminder. He got feather falling 4 by essential pure chance and 3 wouldnt have saved him. Then he got 4 hearts. If Bdubs *didnt* give the heart Grian wouldve just flopped over dead. Grian you lucky man

    • @MoonlitBookworm73
      @MoonlitBookworm73 13 dias atrás +146

      The only reason that grian didn’t go yellow this episode is literally by pure luck.

      @EEEEEEEE 13 dias atrás +3


    • @abrawolf
      @abrawolf 13 dias atrás +69

      Actual plot armor

    • @calvindowney5272
      @calvindowney5272 13 dias atrás +7

      What effect would this be? Butterfly cus not hes gonna go and change the whole series or like a domino?

    • @silensuna
      @silensuna 13 dias atrás +9

      ​@MoonlitBookworm73 the only reason he didn't go yellow is etho rigged the game.

  • @hypnoenvy9885
    @hypnoenvy9885 9 dias atrás +1

    Task ideas with friends:
    1. when in conversations you must stair at them the whole time (So difficult for people who tend to move around a lot while talking, lol)
    2. if someone is standing still you cannot see them
    3. the 5th person you run into you must impersonate them for the rest of the session

  • @MSM-The1.n.Only.
    @MSM-The1.n.Only. 9 dias atrás +2

    Task( Could be made for Any Color, and any difficulty)
    1. Get Ghast/blaze spawn eggs and spawn them in 3 ppl's bases when they r in their base. You fail if they die
    2. Your task for today is to do nothing, go to the secret keeper and get your rewards But if smone intervenes u in the middle of the travel then u fail.
    Thank you for reading and your time. 😊💚

  • @MSM-The1.n.Only.
    @MSM-The1.n.Only. 9 dias atrás

    Lovely videos and great content the whole community of yours got. Wish u all the best of life and that u keep making us smie and stay blessed 💚

  • @syafiqrauf
    @syafiqrauf 10 dias atrás +1

    Next life series sugestion : combining double life + secret life task but the soulmate got reroll each session like the secret task

  • @nasiskahn
    @nasiskahn 12 dias atrás

    I don’t think you failed your task! Depends how you look at it because there were 2 times you were presented with 2 gags which one do you follow? You were committed to Etho’s task and earlier the Heart Foundation instead of participating in Lizzie’s bday party like she said at the end of the session. I say you past. On the other hand they did say Grian jump the fire. lol That was a fun session. This season has been so fun!

  • @shinigamimao2493
    @shinigamimao2493 13 dias atrás +1091

    Grian’s feather falling 4 gave him another life.

    • @mitchib1440
      @mitchib1440 12 dias atrás +58

      feather falling is one hell of an investment.

    • @dragondog1493
      @dragondog1493 12 dias atrás +27

      Remember in DL when scar's feather falling saved them both? Secret life is one big callback

  • @ssoopphix
    @ssoopphix 11 dias atrás +2

    TASK IDEA: If someone talks to you, you must follow them until someone else talks to you. Once a new person does, you must then follow that person until another person comes along. You are allowed to talk to people and not have to follow them. Do this for the entire session. If you’re away from the person you have to follow for more than 5 seconds, you fail.

  • @TheRedactedJoke
    @TheRedactedJoke 9 dias atrás +1

    Task idea; Red Butler!! For the entire session, you must help the first Red Name you see with all their tasks. You can even let them in on the secret! You fail if you die or get called out by a Yellow. If you feel you can't do this task, you must reroll for a hard task either this session or the next

  • @chickenmaster3879
    @chickenmaster3879 12 dias atrás +2

    Suggestion: Aesthetically help someone else's base and get them to admit you improved it. The task doesn't count if they ask you to do it or cheer you on at any point. In that case, do a different base

  • @JennyvdK
    @JennyvdK 6 dias atrás

    This is the most fun watching a Minecraft I've had in a while. You guys and galls have such a great group dynamic!!!

  • @Leohief
    @Leohief 11 dias atrás +1

    Have yall noticed that Grian's and Mumbos tasks always compliment each others? At least the ones I remember. Tell puns/tell jokes that no one laughs to, Have someone guess your task is dancing/be forced to be around more than one person, get involved in everything/involve people in competitions,

  • @reynkeptcen3946
    @reynkeptcen3946 13 dias atrás +1098

    Task idea: You are a vampire, you cannot enter any building or base unless you are given explicit permission to do so

    • @audreydoyle5268
      @audreydoyle5268 13 dias atrás +72

      That would be a gnome or fae. They need explicit permission. Vampire would be convincing people to give you their free heart and not going out during the day.

    • @SirChaosS
      @SirChaosS 13 dias atrás +93

      @@audreydoyle5268 more than permission, vampires have to be explicitly invited in.

    • @ostensiblyaverage5576
      @ostensiblyaverage5576 13 dias atrás +25

      Could also prevent people from walking outside in direct sunlight and from passing over water blocks without a bridge

    • @emmaemmafield717
      @emmaemmafield717 13 dias atrás +6

      If the player was invited into a house but left would they have to ask to be invited in a second time or does one permission given last for the rest of the episode
      What if there are multiple inhabitants of the area they want to enter like the big dogs place. If both Jimmy and Martyn were in there would they both need to give permission

    • @zsomborszigeti6797
      @zsomborszigeti6797 13 dias atrás

      ​@@emmaemmafield717giving exact, perfectly understandable instructions is not exactly what this series is known for

  • @pike64
    @pike64 10 dias atrás

    Task idea: Stay in the Backwards F5 view (selfie view or whatever you call it) for the entire session. If you change your camera view you fail the task.
    Task can be completed before end of session if you take a screenshot of yourself with all yellows.

  • @ghostcore_7625
    @ghostcore_7625 8 dias atrás

    the little "I do!" at the end, that was wholesome
    top tier episode for the laughs, as always :D

  • @fernwater_song7079
    @fernwater_song7079 9 dias atrás

    TASK IDEA: For the whole session, don't stop moving your feet. This means no using benches or tables of any kind. Once you close the book, you have a five-minute grace period to do any crafting/enchanting/anything you might need for the session.

  • @grutarg2938
    @grutarg2938 9 dias atrás

    The difficulty with Gran's task is that there are four or five things going on at any one moment and it's impossible to join in on them all.

  • @thayus
    @thayus 9 dias atrás +1

    Secret Task Idea: For 20 minutes, you can only respond to other members using the words in their question. You can say a word more than once.

  • @junemoon5744
    @junemoon5744 14 dias atrás +3512

    My anxiety was skyrocketing this episode with Grian being at 1 heart

    • @supersonic5024
      @supersonic5024 14 dias atrás +23


    • @cloudkat9475
      @cloudkat9475 14 dias atrás +89

      especially when he was building the tower lol

    • @chris3683
      @chris3683 14 dias atrás +53

      Yeah right? Like I was playing Minecraft while watching this episode and was scared when I took damage in my world for some reason lmao

    • @confused159
      @confused159 14 dias atrás +37

      Kept thinking he'd be yellow by the end of the episode

    • @zderpydiamond4800
      @zderpydiamond4800 14 dias atrás +3


  • @missbea66
    @missbea66 11 dias atrás +9

    An honourable ending Grian - you could have called the end of the session up the tower, but gave Etho a few more moments to return the book, and as a result failed your task right at the end. You're a good egg when all's said and done!

  • @uniingaminguniverse9746
    @uniingaminguniverse9746 11 dias atrás +2

    I'm very into storyline and I think it would be awesome if you made a final two deal with Scar that when you were both red to kill everyone else and recreate the 3rd Life ending, except when/if it happens you tell Scar that he has to kill you because that's the only way this will end, I feel like that's the proper way to end the series if you have no more Life Series ideas and it's a good way to connect it with the Watchers and Evo, good luck to you Grian, would love to see it

  • @Ak-hm9rs
    @Ak-hm9rs 12 dias atrás +1

    Task idea (for reds):
    Get someone to say or imply that theyll not die in a paticular manner. Now your task is to make them die in that manner. Doesnt count if they only say or imply that theyll not die because of you or if they say something that's completely impossible to do on the server. In either case you may try again with someone else. If they either die due to some other way, dont die by the end of session or they did die in that manner on their own without your involvement consider it as a fail.

  • @Froggotato
    @Froggotato 10 dias atrás +1

    Task ideas:
    make at least 3 puns related to the names of 5 of the others.
    give 2 people the task of stalking each other (constantly watching them from a distance) for 10 minutes, but they must restart the timer if the other sees them.