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Secret Life: Episode 1 - KEEP A SECRET!

  • Publicado em 19 Out 2023
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    Welcome to the next life series, secret life! We have 30 hearts per life, no regen and a whole bunch of secrets! If you would like to suggest a task, leave it in the comments! Remember we are looking for social interactions and funny content.
    We can do /gift to give away 1 free heart per session.
    Grian: / @grian
    Smallishbeans: / @smallishbeans
    Smajor1995: / @dangthatsalongname
    bigbst4tz2: / @bigbst4tz22
    Etho: / @ethoslab
    BdoubleO100: / @bdoubleo
    PearlescentMoon: / @pearlescentmoon
    InTheLittleWood: / @martyn
    GoodTimeWithScar: / @goodtimeswithscar
    impulseSV: / @impulsesv
    Tango: / @tangoteklp
    ZombieCleo: / @zombiecleo
    SolidarityGaming: / @solidaritygaming
    Skizzleman: / @mcskizzleman
    Geminitay: / @geminitaymc
    Mumbo Jumbo: / @thatmumbojumbo
    LDShadowLady: / @ldshadowlady
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Comentários • 48 mil

  • @Daios7234
    @Daios7234 Mês atrás +6022

    Task idea: Convince another player to change their skin

    • @sc0rch3d
      @sc0rch3d Mês atrás +219

      One step further! Convince a person to act as your twin (change skin) for 5 minutes!

    • @Xandog
      @Xandog Mês atrás +115

      another step further, convince ETHO

    • @thenopequeen
      @thenopequeen Mês atrás +92

      That's easy mode. Scar is always looking for an excuse to get out the Scitties

    • @tofusem
      @tofusem Mês atrás +10

      this is definitely a possible hard task if given a bit more oomph

    • @themaydayman
      @themaydayman Mês atrás +6

      @@tofusem twins would definently be hard, maybe though get two others

  • @Bear-tp9zc
    @Bear-tp9zc 26 dias atrás +496


    • @ghostietoastie_
      @ghostietoastie_ 17 dias atrás +4

      YES it's the best!!

    • @Petunia_Kit
      @Petunia_Kit 13 dias atrás +3

      It’s my favorite part of these series haha

    • @SillyCrilly
      @SillyCrilly 9 dias atrás +7

      I remember in Hermitcraft season 7, when they both had little hobbit hole, and they had a secret tunnel to visit each other.

    • @o1iviaxx
      @o1iviaxx 9 dias atrás


  • @mataric1157
    @mataric1157 Mês atrás +724

    Task idea:
    Convince 3 people to 'help' you build a monument or communal building, then never place or destroy a single block yourself.
    Task idea:
    Create a treasure trail/hunt with signs and the like that lead in a circle. Convince a player that there is treasure at the end and have them spend (3) minutes going in a loop.

    • @MMAX-zb6bp
      @MMAX-zb6bp 22 dias atrás +12

      First one is genius

    • @loganhall6660
      @loganhall6660 19 dias atrás +5

      I think these would definitely constitute as the hard tasks.

    • @cosmojack9859
      @cosmojack9859 7 dias atrás +1

      Yep, 1st one is fantastic

    • @zombotanycmc
      @zombotanycmc 6 dias atrás

      First one is hilarious

    • @MischievousGem
      @MischievousGem 4 dias atrás +1

      Someone did that already and lizzie/LDshadowLady followed it-

  • @steinzeitgirl
    @steinzeitgirl Mês atrás +337

    Imagine secretly giving everyone the same task and seeing if they find out

    • @Teh_Random_Canadian
      @Teh_Random_Canadian 11 dias atrás +37

      "Your task is to figure out at least one other players task this session" then everyone gets that task 😂

  • @miozusuki4436
    @miozusuki4436 29 dias atrás +120

    Suggestion: protect scar for 30 mins of the session, make sure he doesn't take damage, if he does the timer restart

  • @Notharah
    @Notharah 29 dias atrás +211

    For a later session: Get at least 4 other people with you in boats, and subtly mention "whatever floats your boat" during the stay.

  • @pumkinhead2079
    @pumkinhead2079 Mês atrás +1511

    Task Idea: Fully convince someone their mic is off when it's not

  • @nicoj2080
    @nicoj2080 25 dias atrás +42

    Task idea: manage to "accidentally" place a block directly in someone's way as they are moving 3 times

  • @LaserDawg
    @LaserDawg 29 dias atrás +50

    Task: Replace a third of someone’s house with double slabs instead of regular blocks without them noticing

  • @zwoobsray2047
    @zwoobsray2047 27 dias atrás +77

    Hard Task: help Tim and be nice to him for the rest of the session

  • @erikabeca852
    @erikabeca852 20 dias atrás +25

    Grian and Mumbo will always and forever be my favorite duo. Whenever I watch them I suddenly realise I have the biggest smile or even tears in my eyes from the silly jokes and the chemistry they have.

  • @thereptiletamer5996
    @thereptiletamer5996 25 dias atrás +15

    Task idea: have a stick in your offhand for an entire interaction without anyone mentioning it

  • @quill9918
    @quill9918 Mês atrás +5950

    grian: i need people to not laugh at my jokes
    grian: goes directly to the man who laughs at any awkward situation

    • @kaiwatson18
      @kaiwatson18 Mês atrás +157

      Task Suggestions:
      1. Summon the Warden / and bring to surface
      2. Only speak after someone else speaks. --- only speak after other people
      3. Give everyone a bed, then be the one who never sleeps. + tell everyone your mining etc...
      4. Subtle voice changer. ---- You don't want other half lifers noticing your voice is off.

    • @blackcube6722
      @blackcube6722 Mês atrás +10

      @@kaiwatson18reminds me of another smp

    • @fizzplease6742
      @fizzplease6742 Mês atrás +31

      Suggestion: call everybody by the first letter of their name for 10 minutes (must seek out people to talk to)

    • @brittanyhock5758
      @brittanyhock5758 Mês atrás +6

      task idea get grain,rendog,pearl,solidartiy, maritn to said bigb my prince

  • @MISTaKeZ260
    @MISTaKeZ260 28 dias atrás +54

    Task idea: secretly follow someone for a while episode without anyone calling you out must remain at least 15 blocks away

    • @SpkRants
      @SpkRants Dia atrás

      Sounds like a Skyrim fetch quest

  • @iSynxTV
    @iSynxTV 27 dias atrás +9

    Hard Task: Break 2 or 4 blocks of someones base and convince them to place a door and why it's a good idea to have it there

  • @Ri_gaming
    @Ri_gaming 24 dias atrás +13

    TASK: be suspiciously nice to one person without them noticing for 15 minutes

  • @mrtoast244
    @mrtoast244 24 dias atrás +11

    In every life series Grian and Mumbo are hilarious together. That sequence in the last series where they were mining for diamonds was GOLD.

  • @hootstv8360
    @hootstv8360 28 dias atrás +52

    Task idea:
    stare at someone with a spyglass from afar and when they notice, say that you weren't doing anything to make them paranoid at all times

  • @thiefyee3686
    @thiefyee3686 Mês atrás +2364

    One task should definitely be get another player to sing a song with you. That would be hilarious

    • @Zlovk6310
      @Zlovk6310 Mês atrás +22

      you are my

    • @Moonbeam950
      @Moonbeam950 Mês atrás +5


    • @Dragon_Fire_2468
      @Dragon_Fire_2468 Mês atrás +20

      Bdubs and Impulse Mario song?

    • @dbseamz
      @dbseamz Mês atrás +26

      Since Lizzie and Scott are both on this server that could lead to a "Deal with Destiny" callback. And I'm all for that!

    • @user-hv2iq1vu1u
      @user-hv2iq1vu1u Mês atrás +4

      That’s what I was about to comment lol

  • @essengeebee
    @essengeebee Mês atrás +29

    Glad I came back to catch up on this one. The puns with Mumbo had me laughing so hard 😂😂🤣

  • @sourbanna
    @sourbanna 17 dias atrás +8

    I just got into Grians channel fairly recently so when I was watching Secret like and Hermitcraft I always wondered why these two seemed to gravitate towards each other, but after I found out how close they where it all made sense and it just makes me smile

  • @bettarecognize9451
    @bettarecognize9451 Mês atrás +25

    Task Idea: Decorate an area, the receive 3 compliments on the decorations

  • @AmeliaQuick-yp3wm
    @AmeliaQuick-yp3wm Mês atrás +10

    Task idea:
    Convince the same player to follow you over a distance (100, 200, whatever works best) block at least three times. :)

  • @randomchaos7475
    @randomchaos7475 28 dias atrás +10

    Task: make a strange contraption in someone’s home and convince them of it doing something it definitely cannot do

  • @Toaster157
    @Toaster157 Mês atrás +1229

    the fact that mubo laughs at all the puns and makes the task harder accidentally is proof of friendship

    • @kdt_yt4386
      @kdt_yt4386 29 dias atrás +23

      And then you realize that mumbos task was to make puns

    • @Toaster157
      @Toaster157 28 dias atrás +7

      @@kdt_yt4386 ye but I mean like, 25:20 for example

  • @irs5047
    @irs5047 29 dias atrás +5

    Task idea: You can not let a picked player lose any hearts, and if they do, you have to give them one of yours or you fail.

  • @morbiusv5857
    @morbiusv5857 28 dias atrás +12

    Task Idea: keep a pumkin head for the entire session,Don't remove it for a second!

  • @Leekodot15
    @Leekodot15 29 dias atrás +5

    Task idea: Try to get (2 or 3) people to leave your vicinity via your own actions.

  • @Pigeonk1ng
    @Pigeonk1ng 26 dias atrás +5

    It’s always so hype to see what the next life series will be after the first one ends, and I’m extremely happy for this one

  • @electrineer788
    @electrineer788 Mês atrás +9

    Task idea: Force a random player collect a random block for you (spun by a wheel) without asking to get that specific item (e.g. if its an obsidian block asking for the materials for an enchanting table is allowed however if you roll an item like a beacon they have to craft and bring you the beacon)

  • @_Dalee_
    @_Dalee_ Mês atrás +847

    *Task idea:*
    Give someone a raw salmon without them noticing, and then later, ask them if they have a spare raw salmon for you.

    • @Dusti_buns
      @Dusti_buns Mês atrás +12

      This is amazing

    • @githyanki1899
      @githyanki1899 Mês atrás +5

      *Task Idea* Give Someone A Carrot Sandwich

    • @abdelrahman_osama
      @abdelrahman_osama Mês atrás +9

      Make 3 people /gift you a heart

    • @Aschilon
      @Aschilon Mês atrás

      Unless it's Cleo, then it should be to tame a cat with a cooked salmon.

    • @GGG-Voyager
      @GGG-Voyager Mês atrás +1

      Suggestion: Convince someone to kill another hermit

  • @dpdpdp4940
    @dpdpdp4940 27 dias atrás +9

    Task: Dont look at anyone directly for the whole session

  • @bonniefaith8989
    @bonniefaith8989 29 dias atrás +4

    Task idea: run and scream away from anyone you are basing/teaming with for 30 minutes

  • @WeAreStageZero
    @WeAreStageZero 28 dias atrás +4

    Suggestion: Get over 50% of the yellow players to guess that your task is to spy for them. If more players become yellow before the end of this session, they count towards the 50%.

    • @WeAreStageZero
      @WeAreStageZero 28 dias atrás

      The hard version can be to get all yellows to incorrectly guess your task, and the easier version could be to have yellows just incorrectly guess your task.

  • @just5fornow
    @just5fornow 26 dias atrás +11

    All of the moments with Grian and Mumbo throwing puns at each other, were the best minutes of my life! 🤣

  • @falrientik1598
    @falrientik1598 20 dias atrás +2

    I know it's probably too late to give a task suggestion right now, but a hard task: Convince three people to donate a heart.

  • @circusmeat
    @circusmeat Mês atrás +8191

    Task idea:
    Convince someone that you have exposed your task by accident, have them escort you to the button only to see you click the success button

    • @bignono2439
      @bignono2439 Mês atrás +243

      This is realy creative! I like it a lot

    • @runic_raptor
      @runic_raptor Mês atrás +69

      I love that one

    • @hybridsel6
      @hybridsel6 Mês atrás +122

      thats amazing, we need to see this one, thats an easy like from me, i want to see grian convince like a whole group of people he failed it and bring them to the keeper for this

    • @MoonCake-cl1ry
      @MoonCake-cl1ry Mês atrás +12

      Hi I love your task idea it’s very creative

    • @maximushank1115
      @maximushank1115 Mês atrás +11

      That is an amazing idea

  • @futurefourflames1542
    @futurefourflames1542 29 dias atrás +5

    Suggestion: create a random structure and get three people to ask about it

  • @challengeacceptedplus188
    @challengeacceptedplus188 28 dias atrás +7

    Task idea: sneak at least two items into a player’s inventory without them knowing do this at least 5 times on different players

  • @Swyfti3Youtube
    @Swyfti3Youtube 26 dias atrás +3

    Task idea:
    You have to make a statue of another player.
    Hard task idea:
    You can only communicate with other players with one word of your choice.

  • @Miza54
    @Miza54 28 dias atrás +4

    Such a brilliant idea! Loved the first episode and look forward to more :)
    As for task ideas, I'm thinking you need some more devious ones that would 'help' lower peoples hearts such as:
    - set a trap without being seen
    - set a trap while with a player without them realising it and blame someone else that may have been seen nearby
    (damage should not be more than 2 or 3 hearts)
    Or maybe some light hearted ones:
    - change the cosmetic look of someones build without being caught
    - just randomly move in with someone whilst they are there and not question it (make yourself at home)
    - add a secret room to someones house that looks like is being used to steal from them
    - steal from 3 different players while you are with them and blame someone else
    I love trolls/pranks so I can quite easily come up with more if needed lol :)

  • @blobob2379
    @blobob2379 29 dias atrás +3

    Hard task: convince the first player you see to follow you around for at least 1/2 the session

  • @WalletWorrier
    @WalletWorrier Mês atrás +9478

    Suggestion: trick someone into thinking they overheard you describing your secret. Only counts if they attempt to take you to the buttons.

    • @merilynnshark6144
      @merilynnshark6144 Mês atrás +764

      This is SO GOOD! Them taking you to the button to get you to hit the fail button and then you just casually strolling up to the success button would be hilarious xD

    • @StormStabs
      @StormStabs Mês atrás +152

      Suggestion: Convince someone to give you they’re sword.

    • @animal_peg1620
      @animal_peg1620 Mês atrás +15


    • @GGG-Voyager
      @GGG-Voyager Mês atrás +58

      Task suggestion: Form two separate alliances

    • @RedNeck_Zeus
      @RedNeck_Zeus Mês atrás +5

      I literally had the same idea.

  • @gijustin5930
    @gijustin5930 4 dias atrás +1

    I love this season. This is a great change to the form while staying yourselves...if not a bit more sinister.

  • @KengJeeThao
    @KengJeeThao 27 dias atrás +3

    it would be cool if everyone told their task at the end of the session

  • @kani2
    @kani2 27 dias atrás +4

    Suggestion: You have to get to build limit and reach bedrock in the same episode, I don’t know if this is a normal or hard task

  • @niklasneighbor6726
    @niklasneighbor6726 20 dias atrás +2

    Task Idea: "Convince someone to unneccessarily endanger their life"
    Kinda like that one time with the fishing rod in one of the previous seasons

  • @clockwise3750
    @clockwise3750 25 dias atrás +4

    Etho not laughing was the funniest part

  • @drrabbity630
    @drrabbity630 29 dias atrás +1

    Task Idea: Get someone who your not currently working with (even better if its an enemy) to make a build with you.

  • @tetrassassin
    @tetrassassin 27 dias atrás +1

    Here's a task idea: Convince another player that there is something wrong with their base design and get them to change it for the rest of the session. If they change it back, you fail. You cannot try again afterwards.
    To make the task harder, you can make it a specific person.

  • @Z-Raze
    @Z-Raze 27 dias atrás +3

    Hard task: always say the exact opposite of what you want to say

  • @haXXiGD
    @haXXiGD 21 dia atrás +2

    6:28 okaaaaay, hearing grian do a gremlin laugh can now be checked off my bucket list

  • @EndyStar
    @EndyStar 24 dias atrás +1

    If theres one thing I've learned: NEVER take pitty on Scar, he WILL take advantage of you, ALWAYS.

  • @ThiVasss
    @ThiVasss Mês atrás +4274

    Unlike the previous series, this one actually rewards watching each and every individuals POV. If two people were together, that was essentially the same thing, but now each perspective is unique due to the nature of the secret task. GENIUS.

  • @user-ct2rx6od4t
    @user-ct2rx6od4t 2 dias atrás +2

    suggestion- obtain an item from each person. whether they give it to you, you ‘borrow it’ etc

  • @artemisafton1987
    @artemisafton1987 Mês atrás +2

    Task suggestion: Give every player a high five.

  • @Peach_Productions
    @Peach_Productions 14 dias atrás +1

    Task: Go away from everyone for one whole session, like solitary without anyone noticing.

  • @HumanBeing-wb4st
    @HumanBeing-wb4st 6 dias atrás +1

    Task idea: convince any amount of other players to give you 32 items in total, they may be of the same type.

  • @davidrobinson7260
    @davidrobinson7260 3 dias atrás +1

    The creativity of these series is unbelievable

  • @croozy
    @croozy Mês atrás +519

    Hard task: Make someone fully believe you have the same task as them

  • @midgetkungfu
    @midgetkungfu 25 dias atrás +3

    The giggles during the puns had my sides splitting! Hahahaha!

  • @thornedrose0116
    @thornedrose0116 28 dias atrás

    Task idea:
    You must complete this three times. Get a player (someone different each time) to stay in a certain spot for seven minutes. You must devise a way to get them to stay without telling them what’s going on, if you tell them to stay or they walk away before the timer is up you have to try again with someone else

  • @ice_panda1495
    @ice_panda1495 21 dia atrás +2

    Suggestion: Get every single hermit to YELL out your name.

  • @HyperionNox
    @HyperionNox 11 dias atrás

    I'm reasonably sure that everyone has a overarching secret task that they need to keep from the audience

  • @skull_gold1752
    @skull_gold1752 29 dias atrás +1

    Suggestion: place atlease 10 peaceful or neutral mobs in someone's base without getting caught. fail conditions if the person who owns the base spots you in the act but you can miss direct them to save yourself or if they find the mob stash before atlease 10 have been hidden.

  • @fairyfriend5367
    @fairyfriend5367 Mês atrás +912

    Task idea: To not enter anyone's base via front door.

  • @BackWaveUnited
    @BackWaveUnited 24 dias atrás

    Its always so entertaining to watch to create such creativity of a series over time

  • @yourlocaloni6507
    @yourlocaloni6507 19 dias atrás

    Scar is that one student during a test that makes the teacher announce to read their questions properly

  • @scottylightheart7180
    @scottylightheart7180 28 dias atrás

    suggestion: become another players bodyguard for 30 minutes. if your chosen player either takes damage or leaves hearing, restart the timer. you are free to change players as you wish.

  • @erisstree6846
    @erisstree6846 23 dias atrás

    Task Idea: Find every player and scare them (can retry later (as in later in the session) if the person doesn't get scared the first time)-should be able to be verbal or like tricking them into a trap. Cannot lead to anyone's death.

  • @MoltenTheHydra
    @MoltenTheHydra Mês atrás +248

    Hard task: Prevent scar from losing any health for atleast 25 minutes of the session.

  • @Charmelen
    @Charmelen 26 dias atrás

    Hard task: Throw away all your items and then subtly convince other players to give you some of their items

  • @alexlucken3855
    @alexlucken3855 29 dias atrás

    Task idea: Convince someone to willingly take damage somehow. This might be a hard task.

  • @gradykuijper368
    @gradykuijper368 Mês atrás +1

    Task Idea: Get another hermit to help you gather the items to make Rabbit Stew for both of you, but if they say the word "rabbit stew" before you have crafted it then you must restart.

    • @gradykuijper368
      @gradykuijper368 Mês atrás

      Restart as in find a different hermit to help you, Items may be re-used.

  • @BillTheDisaster
    @BillTheDisaster 23 dias atrás +1

    Here is a very fun and hard task idea:
    "Item-hunt" - Collect given one piece of item from 3 different biome and bring it to the Secret keeper.
    Here is the challenge - as soon as you collected all 3 item, set your timer 3 minutes and run to the secret keeper to push button for task completed. If you're late, task is considered a failure.
    PS: You can get to choose your destination order to increase efficiency to save your time. But you must go to the particular biome to mine it, instead of crafting or getting it from your chest.
    Be careful where you are collecting the last item. You can take your time during this session, and don't panic. But make sure you can reach Secret keeper within 3 minutes or less.
    You can choose between of 2 item but only one of two item per one group.
    Given item choice is:
    1. [Desert - Sandstone] or [Bone block (you can get bone block from any biome you like)]
    2. [Nether - Ancient debris] or [Wither Skeleton skull]
    3. [Cave biome - Obsidian] or [Crying obsidian (from piglin bartering in crimson forest biome or looting/stole/scam to get it from other players.)]

  • @blameslush
    @blameslush 24 dias atrás

    Task: Debate with other players whether it’s OK to do evil because it’s your secret task. At least one other player must take a position in favour, and at least one against.

  • @AlphaJPM
    @AlphaJPM Mês atrás +4592

    Suggestion: Call 5 redstone components (dust, torch, repeater, ect) by their incorrect names infront of a Redstone expert on the server without them correcting you

  • @ceaselesswatcher7277
    @ceaselesswatcher7277 29 dias atrás +1

    Hard task suggestion: you’re only able to travel underground by tunneling

  • @mokuoku4717
    @mokuoku4717 27 dias atrás +1

    Task Idea: Get every player to tell you their most hated mob.

  • @Miducas
    @Miducas 25 dias atrás

    Task idea: Convince someone to give their entire armor set to you.

  • @dark_axolotl
    @dark_axolotl 28 dias atrás +1

    Task idea: you must gain 1 of every ore, and randomly place it in people's houses

  • @andrewagriculture2398
    @andrewagriculture2398 Mês atrás +1

    hard task: build a tower from build height to bedrock and have another player take the dive from top to bottom

  • @hotnopgames
    @hotnopgames Mês atrás +18620

    Its funny how Mumbo and grian had almost opposites of each others tasks

  • @pixxixxe
    @pixxixxe 20 dias atrás +1

    Hard task: Retrive and make a shulker box, of every color in the rainbow.

  • @ThatghoostGuy
    @ThatghoostGuy 5 dias atrás +1

    Task idea: Follow a singular player around for 30 minutes without speaking or losing full sight of them

  • @jilly_kk
    @jilly_kk 16 dias atrás

    Task idea! Stay with 1 person at all times for 15 minutes of a session! they must be in your sight on screen at all times, you can lose them for no more than 10 seconds or you have failed!!!

  • @Rose-mb5pl
    @Rose-mb5pl 26 dias atrás +1

    Suggestion: trade 6 Different types of wood, You must receive it from another player and you can’t get them from chests

  • @OhNoItsExpiredMilk
    @OhNoItsExpiredMilk 25 dias atrás +1

    Suggestion: make someone do something very very odd yet specific for you, without telling them directly what you want them to do ☝️

  • @Burgerhero
    @Burgerhero Mês atrás +324

    Hard task: Build a dispenser with a button prominently displayed somewhere, bring Grian to it, and try to keep him from pressing the button.

  • @jolly3439
    @jolly3439 26 dias atrás

    Task idea: Have 3 or more people spam crouch in a circle together
    (Love the series so far!)

  • @gavinwarner8128
    @gavinwarner8128 7 dias atrás +2

    Task: mine out one chunk of a biome and make it look like a different chunk and convince someone that its a terrain glitch

  • @filthephish7692
    @filthephish7692 26 dias atrás

    suggestion: convince someone that you hid something in their base, and keep telling them they almost found it.

  • @gabediehl350
    @gabediehl350 Mês atrás +4

    Grian will probably survive the zombie apocalypse tbh

    • @Shan-jg4nd
      @Shan-jg4nd 23 minutos atrás

      Omg you are the prophet my friend

  • @Meeps__
    @Meeps__ Mês atrás +299

    As maybe a hard task suggestion:
    Get two people to blame each other for pranks that you did.

  • @KatzForSure
    @KatzForSure Mês atrás +3

    Suggestion for a hard task: give 5 diamonds to 2 players without letting those 2 players figure out your putting diamonds in their inventory.

  • @joshcrawshaw5410
    @joshcrawshaw5410 Mês atrás +1

    Task idea: get each player on the server to give you a DIFFERENT block/item

  • @justaslug8888
    @justaslug8888 24 dias atrás

    Task: Get 5 people to give you a house tour and stay inside the house for at least 2 minutes

  • @JasperAraghi-dp2vp
    @JasperAraghi-dp2vp Mês atrás +1

    task: wait for 3 people to place torches then break them straight after

  • @asher_is_lost3603
    @asher_is_lost3603 29 dias atrás

    A task for later on when people have pets/ any animal would be to hide it and make them assume the animal despawned for the session

  • @xoangelesxo8791
    @xoangelesxo8791 Mês atrás +296

    Task idea: start a rumor. Two players must repeat that rumor to you without prompting.