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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 49 - THE RAVAGER BACKROOMS

  • Publicado em 3 Out 2023
  • Hermitcraft 9: Episode 49 - THE RAVAGER BACKROOMS
    Phase 3 runs: • Grian's Decked Out 2 R...
    #minecraft #hermitcraft
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  • @skingraze
    @skingraze Mês atrás +7533

    Ah yes, building a giant pool of water on top of the most complex redstone device in the entire server

    • @Nitram4392
      @Nitram4392 Mês atrás +614

      What could possible go wrong?

    • @viberviper
      @viberviper Mês atrás +359

      What could possibly go wrong (2)

    • @jesswinter
      @jesswinter Mês atrás +224

      Oof my anxiety lol

    • @MAkweem
      @MAkweem Mês atrás +238

      What could possibly go wrong (3)

    • @kardnails8729
      @kardnails8729 Mês atrás +149

      The whole hallway area is underneath, so the redstone is even further down.

  • @l_ukers
    @l_ukers Mês atrás +440

    I think a shallow area in the pool would be good practice as well, for the places you cant swim fast in the dungeon because it’s one block deep

  • @Caerigna
    @Caerigna Mês atrás +118

    Please do a full backrooms next season, you're disturbingly good at "accidental" minecraft liminal spaces

  • @YouTube
    @YouTube Mês atrás +346

    in the backrooms with the grian crew 🔥

  • @theredeyedalien
    @theredeyedalien Mês atrás +167

    "A present from the creator himself" Tango has achieved deity status.

  • @brady1701
    @brady1701 Mês atrás +872

    To those who are worried about the water: Grian built it over an area that doesn’t have much of any redstone if any at all, it looks like it sits entirely over the great hall

    • @DarkRaikon
      @DarkRaikon Mês atrás +73

      dude its mc water.......it seek redstone

    • @smalltownnews
      @smalltownnews Mês atrás +2

      Thank you I don't know how many people I've had to explain this to 😂

    • @thikim7056
      @thikim7056 Mês atrás


    • @testerwulf3357
      @testerwulf3357 Mês atrás +3

      @@DarkRaikon that's no problem if there's no way for it to hit redstone

  • @wolframstahl1263
    @wolframstahl1263 Mês atrás +2618

    I'm impressed and kinda shocked how unfazed and chill Tango reacted to Grian, the guy who broke Sahara with a single potato, threatening to build a giant pool above Decked Out.

    • @didi81_
      @didi81_ Mês atrás +253

      He was streaming at the time and my anxiety went through the roof when I heard 'swimming pool'

    • @dragonridertechnologies
      @dragonridertechnologies Mês atrás +62

      I didn't immediately make that connection but all my hair is now standing on end. I wonder if next stream will feature a preemptive sponge defense layer?

    • @matmightstir1427
      @matmightstir1427 Mês atrás +7

      ​@@dragonridertechnologiesI feel like sponge won't do much if the water it absorbs keeps flowing downward from a source

    • @smalltownnews
      @smalltownnews Mês atrás +8

      ​@@didi81_​ you do realize he didn't build it over the Redstone right? Most of it was built over the great hall which blocked off from the Redstone. 😂

    • @smalltownnews
      @smalltownnews Mês atrás +1

      ​@@dragonridertechnologies​there would be no need for it he didn't build it over the Redstone. Most of it was built over the great hall which is blocked from the Redstone

  • @actofrek6797
    @actofrek6797 Mês atrás +149

    I really love how your subtitles are color coded by Hermit, It makes them super easy to read.

    • @mr.boomguy
      @mr.boomguy Mês atrás +7

      Ikr. It's such a neat service. Especially when they're talking over eachother, or lots of things are happening

  • @BlahCraft1
    @BlahCraft1 Mês atrás +96

    Not really shown in this video, but I think Tango really enjoyed Grian learning/struggling to deal with Ravagers. For the past ~5 months Tango has been complaining about dumb Ravagers, and he finally has someone who can understand how he feels.

  • @JenInMinecraft
    @JenInMinecraft Mês atrás +272

    The berry bushes might need a trap door to prevent the ravager from pricking itself to death, as well as stair rails. You're gonna go into there one day and there'll be no Jellie.

    • @cjslime8847
      @cjslime8847 Mês atrás +23

      He has a block over it to stop jelly from hurting herself

    • @sambuma
      @sambuma Mês atrás +21

      My money's on Jellie getting blasted the inevitable training warden that gets added.

  • @Heroo01
    @Heroo01 Mês atrás +95

    Ironically Grian got enough practice trapping the drowned that he no longer needed the drowned room lol

  • @RandomPhail
    @RandomPhail Mês atrás +69

    That "boat" in the training room should be at least 2 blocks off the bottom of the pool; because in the actual game the boat is floating, meaning Willie could come under the boat or hit you from under it. It's an important detail for accurate training!

    • @Wasabiofip
      @Wasabiofip Mês atrás +6

      No it's not floating in the actual game, the ground connects to its underside the whole length of the boat.

  • @emeraldbonk5368
    @emeraldbonk5368 Mês atrás +7767

    I like that the whole building was made for decked out but tango lets everyone else build stuff in it too

    • @oatmealcookie02
      @oatmealcookie02 Mês atrás +693

      and I think Hermits Daycare has become of the most iconic builds this season

    • @edwardscott3262
      @edwardscott3262 Mês atrás +389

      I think it would be funny if they started treating the area like an out of control homeless camp. Take someone who hasn't been seen in a while and use armor stands to make it look like the other Hermits are cooking them on a giant rotisserie over Tango's blue flames.
      Maybe setup some sort of cooking station that looks like someone is using the blue flames to cook Joe's fish.
      Just have it look like the Hermits are so addicted to the game they are living there and turning to cannibalism.

    • @Archer690Channel
      @Archer690Channel Mês atrás +181

      imo it needs a miniature TCG arena to be perfect

    • @simonbarton4310
      @simonbarton4310 Mês atrás +73

      ​@edwardscott3262 if Minecraft had some sort of mechanic that made cannibalism possible, these guys would 100% start doing stuff like this

    • @easilybored
      @easilybored Mês atrás +72

      It's pretty great that area is actually getting filled with some things. The citadel looks great, but Tango didn't really have a plan for all that space above the dungeon.

  • @laurinzanon
    @laurinzanon Mês atrás +57

    So excited to hear Grain confirm that another life series is soon, honestly enjoy those more than hermitcraft. The chaos is too good!

    • @tylermercado1445
      @tylermercado1445 Mês atrás +6

      “New Life series soon. You didn’t hear it from me.”

    • @laurinzanon
      @laurinzanon Mês atrás +8

      @@tylermercado1445 Yeah, we heard it from grain 🍞, not grian

  • @Abysswea
    @Abysswea Mês atrás +34

    Yeah, both Decked Out and Hermit's TCG are so much fun to watch, and both Tango and Beef deserves a lot of respect and praise from their works and dedication

  • @Sam-yx5li
    @Sam-yx5li Mês atrás +5

    There has got to be a multiplayer decked out next season, like a co-op where players can take turns luring the ravager away to help each other

  • @tetsujin_144
    @tetsujin_144 Mês atrás +15

    The training room should have a hazard door - if you set the training room to "Etho Mode" it closes as soon as you come close to it.

  • @MathildaMolanderMolin
    @MathildaMolanderMolin Mês atrás +20

    Grian just casually dropping the life series for us😳😍

  • @crystaldazz
    @crystaldazz Mês atrás +4371

    PLEASE add security layers under that pool.

    • @pingidjit
      @pingidjit Mês atrás +123

      Absolutely this!

    • @ChristianMay21
      @ChristianMay21 Mês atrás +574

      If I were tango I would literally wrap that entire room in 4 layers of obsidian

    • @Taolan8472
      @Taolan8472 Mês atrás +307

      I would definitely be wrapping that room in obsidian if I were Tango. At least make an emergency drain pan under it out of the stuff.

    • @CountLilac
      @CountLilac Mês atrás +48

      Good grief yes 😅

    • @boinsane7362
      @boinsane7362 Mês atrás +4


  • @MyNameIsVLG
    @MyNameIsVLG Mês atrás +8

    I had my suspicions that a life series was on its way with Grian and Scott posting a lot of life series content, glad to have the confirmation. Can't wait!

    • @tylermercado1445
      @tylermercado1445 Mês atrás +1

      “New Life series soon. You didn’t hear it from me.”

    • @MyNameIsVLG
      @MyNameIsVLG Mês atrás +1

      @tylermercado1445 You're right, I didn't hear it from you. No idea where I heard it, just glad I heard it!

  • @venomsabre2696
    @venomsabre2696 Mês atrás +17

    Maybe you could add a clock behind glass in the pool room, since drowned aggro on players based on the time of day.

  • @Medieval_Pizza
    @Medieval_Pizza 12 dias atrás +5

    Grian had a barge in season 7 and a train in season 8, so I’ve been saying that he should have a plane as a store in season 9 to complete the trifecta. I think THAT would be amazing.

  • @Addersea
    @Addersea Mês atrás +2

    The water is flowing down, for a realistic sim you'll wanna add water layers to the bottom 2 of The Worst's pond as well :) (Because he'll swim and follow you more aggressively in still water I believe!)

  • @bellastrongstone
    @bellastrongstone 9 dias atrás +8

    Remind me again why we haven't had another hermitcraft episode? I love grian's hermitcraft episodes and it's been a month

  • @estherclawson6876
    @estherclawson6876 Mês atrás +1893

    Petitioning the "boat" to be turned into a rubber duck pesky bird as the only colorful thing in the portal style training lab.

  • @kadeturner2190
    @kadeturner2190 Mês atrás +4

    Three things that could be worth adding to the training room:
    * Compass location training
    * The water hazards that come down from the roof
    * Vex training

  • @theothersmith9570
    @theothersmith9570 Mês atrás +5

    It shows how huge the ice castle is that on top of Decked Out, there is still room for the queue room and the Backrooms.

  • @katelynlusk9934
    @katelynlusk9934 Mês atrás +4

    Love that you're spending time enjoying decked out! My husband and I have been obsessed with it, and seeing you and the other hermits obsessed as well just makes my heart happy. You guys are such a supportive group, and you're right, Tango definitely deserves the clout on this one!

  • @lukety9772
    @lukety9772 4 dias atrás +3

    It feels so weird to be fully catched up to grain hermitcraft

  • @xcite.
    @xcite. Mês atrás +5

    This is hilarious watching my grey, french bulldog Jellie, responding to your voice everytime you say jellie, she keeps looking around to find whos calling her ahaha

  • @_rei2730
    @_rei2730 Mês atrás +1103

    Welcome to Grian's 49th episode of Hermitcraft season 9:
    Grian learns Minecraft mechanics.

    • @aleattorium
      @aleattorium Mês atrás +27

      one day redstone, for sure

    • @AdamHolland-Adz
      @AdamHolland-Adz Mês atrás +34

      Episode 98 of Hermitcraft Season 9: Grian builds a bedroom to sleep in.

    • @Cryo80
      @Cryo80 Mês atrás


  • @dustwyrm
    @dustwyrm Mês atrás +9

    I'm so happy Life SMP is coming back. Favorite web series.

  • @eternity449
    @eternity449 Mês atrás +1

    the attention on decked out is much deserved. absolutely stunning work!

  • @darealmiao
    @darealmiao 12 dias atrás +4

    Does anyone else feel like grian is more disconnected from the shopping districts/nether hub/hermits this season and season 8 compared to seasons 6 and 7? I don’t even know what the shopping district looks like this season

  • @artsybook
    @artsybook Mês atrás

    I love how the waiting room keeps evolving! such a fun touch to decked out!! and the lil training area i can see being very helpful for future decked out runs!

  • @saym0.0
    @saym0.0 6 dias atrás +1

    i love how chill tango is with them building stuff in the attic 💀

  • @adamlawrence7772
    @adamlawrence7772 Mês atrás +2036

    You should add some observation balconies. That way you can either have some others watch while they wait their turn, or have some of the pros come to do some coaching.

    • @SomeSayApple
      @SomeSayApple Mês atrás +29

      Yess, that sounds fun!

    • @Mikemk_
      @Mikemk_ Mês atrás +67

      Also, Portal had them everywhere

    • @DragonDancer357
      @DragonDancer357 Mês atrás +36

      I mean there is going be some coaching but lets be honest there is going be a fair amount more heckling and teasing 😂

    • @_QWERTY__
      @_QWERTY__ Mês atrás +24

      ​@@DragonDancer357shhhhh, it's just going to be coaching, you don't want to scare off the fun.

    • @Osmotic
      @Osmotic Mês atrás +7

      Glass roof maybe!

  • @discochaotica
    @discochaotica Mês atrás

    I love watching as Hermits start to genuinely improve their skills either while playing or in preparation for playing Decked Out. Grian and Gem are going to be masters of parkour and evasion by the end of the game.

  • @ericschenkenberger9011
    @ericschenkenberger9011 Mês atrás +1

    It'd be really cool if you could get shield cards that would dispense a shield at the beginning of tlr round. It could be a damage shield with only like 8 durability left.
    It would be incredibly annoying to stock them though...

  • @jesfung
    @jesfung Mês atrás

    Good idea for the training room!
    Hoping we get to see other hermits on the series too, like Gem, Zed, False & etc. ❤

  • @user-bw7mk8rh4p
    @user-bw7mk8rh4p Mês atrás +6

    Drowneds with tridents are a lot easier to deal with on bedrock, because they attempt to sprint swim at and they cant throw tridents while doing so.

    • @sambuma
      @sambuma Mês atrás

      I think even when stationary the cooldown between throws is longer as well, but might just be because of the AI difference you mentioned.

  • @-shadow_fox-5009
    @-shadow_fox-5009 Mês atrás +2

    I’ve been absolutely loving the decked out content! Currently I’m in a state of packing up my stuff into boxes because I’m moving houses and this series has been getting me through it and giving me enough motivation to finish and here I am packing my last box so thank you so much Grian for posting your videos, I bet that 100% of the subscribers you have are extremely well deserved.

  • @_ItBeMe_
    @_ItBeMe_ Mês atrás +1481

    Can't wait to see what y'all get up to this time! 😂

    • @mr.boomguy
      @mr.boomguy Mês atrás +136

      I just pause at the very end right before he said it, and I saw your comment first xD
      Now we can only guess the theme of this seasons are going to be.
      We've had 3 lives, random lives, tied lives and timed life. But knowing how creative Grian can get (especially when he gets bored), I'm sure he won't disappoint

    • @elliott7681
      @elliott7681 Mês atrás +74

      I want swapped lives so every session everyone’s lives get swapped around so you could give someone a red name

    • @Login2play
      @Login2play Mês atrás +53

      Scar (x2) and Timmy both leaked the name, Hard Life

    • @kermitblade7368
      @kermitblade7368 Mês atrás +38

      @@Login2play hopefully they dress up as people from annie (because the song hard not life) badum tss

    • @elliott7681
      @elliott7681 Mês atrás +17

      @@Login2play it was it a ultimate trick

  • @nathanamber569
    @nathanamber569 Mês atrás

    Amazing build man, I’ve been thinking someone should have made a training room. You did perfect 👍

  • @johnoswald9143
    @johnoswald9143 Mês atrás

    The decked out content is awesome and Tango is a monster Minecrafter for what he’s made. I’d also like to see Grian and Mumbo do Cleo’s game.

  • @crystaldazz
    @crystaldazz Mês atrás +2

    I hope you lit up the roof to prevent mob spawns around the area.

  • @ddoublya
    @ddoublya Mês atrás

    I love how Tango is all for having a training space for the Hermits that are more just builders and run away from the mobs all the time. He is making DO accessible to all skill level hermits.

  • @brickbot2.038
    @brickbot2.038 Mês atrás +1

    I've been testing it out, you can totally just get a zombie to pick up a trident, and then drown the zombie. The zombie can't use the trident's ranged attack until it turns into a drowned. Not only does this mean not having to worry about carting around a drowned that you kill you at any time, but it also means you don't have to locate a naturally spawned one.
    Any zombie that can pick up items will do.

  • @elliemj21
    @elliemj21 Mês atrás +635

    Anyone else get massively anxious any time someone talks about putting water anywhere near Tango's redstone? XD

    • @didi81_
      @didi81_ Mês atrás +24

      Yep , yes , that's me. Even their little queue system upstairs made me nervous 😅

    • @testerwulf3357
      @testerwulf3357 Mês atrás

      The pool isn't near redstone! It's over the great hall :)

  • @kingbubbafatt9945
    @kingbubbafatt9945 Mês atrás

    If you are thinking of giving the back rooms a little decoration, you could add some orange and blue “portals” as you said in the beginning that the game portal was inspiration. Great video!

  • @misterjanky
    @misterjanky Mês atrás

    Cool build ! And it's awesome your making something for those that struggle. I'm worried about jellie and fall damage on those stairs tho :)

  • @Mimikrow
    @Mimikrow Mês atrás

    Personally, I've been really enjoying all the decked out content recently :D Also super exited for the new life series!!

  • @nasiskahn
    @nasiskahn Mês atrás +3

    I was really curious to know what you wanted a ravage for! Great idea making a training ground for Hermits who want to practice. Do you love how chat named her Jellie! Lol Bring on the Decked Out heavy eps! I hope you are putting your runs on your second channel please? We want to see them and learn with you. You will get better and better with practice! Love it!

  • @JacobH93
    @JacobH93 Mês atrás

    This was a fun addition! I think the training area could use a parkour section mimicking some of the level 2 sections. Not to name names but Keralis could probably use it! (Sorry love your content PapaK!). Also like some others have mentioned, a viewing area where other hermits can judge I mean watch would be great too!

  • @dabbopabblo
    @dabbopabblo Mês atrás +710

    I don't use closed captions, but I imagine the people who do probably appreciate the extra touch you did with color coding whose talking. Props to you or your editor, that's going the extra mile.

    • @donnie_luto1297
      @donnie_luto1297 Mês atrás +67

      I use closed captions and yes, I absolutely appreciate the colors and even the capitalized names its super helpful so huge kudos to whoever does them for making them like so!

    • @MoonyFBM
      @MoonyFBM Mês atrás +16

      We really appriciate it!!

    • @ThePoint.
      @ThePoint. Mês atrás +20

      Cc is really useful for people who are heard of hearing or just learning/practicing the language, so the captions being colored is extremely appreciated!

    • @anteaterdaven
      @anteaterdaven Mês atrás +9

      Yes, it makes it so much easier to follow!

    • @DriestApollo
      @DriestApollo Mês atrás +11

      Oh definitely, I always appreciate the color coding and the fact that they're not auto generated

  • @ThePuff18
    @ThePuff18 Mês atrás +1

    The test Trident should be named “Two-Eyed-Tammie”, and if you get a Warden, “No-Eyes-Nellie” could be pretty cute.

  • @midKnightredd
    @midKnightredd Mês atrás

    Watching this episode, one thought kept running through my head..."The best laid plans of mice and men..." So I do hope this works the way you plan it to.😀

  • @brujosol
    @brujosol Mês atrás

    Great contribution, Grian! I was thinking it would be nice if y'all had a practice arena, so the hermits could have a place to build on your skill set without having to lose shards

  • @nullptrRL
    @nullptrRL Mês atrás +1

    This training area is exactly what I wanted to see someone make! Thanks Grian. :)

  • @sambuma
    @sambuma Mês atrás

    It would be awesome if Gem rebuilds her parkour training area at the waiting room as well. Of course, if the training center gets too bit Tango will start getting jokes about how it only took the other Hermits a couple weeks to build Decked Out.

  • @nadiadrego
    @nadiadrego Mês atrás +2216

    'The reason is quite simple, i suck' top ten times grian was an absolute mood

    • @8-Lapis-8
      @8-Lapis-8 Mês atrás +12

      This will blow up I'm calling it

    • @spookwave4966
      @spookwave4966 Mês atrás +24

      @safoutop10104you shouldn’t beg you should instead make use of what you have and when you’re confident enough show your creations to your parents

    • @ST0RM1H0R1Z0N
      @ST0RM1H0R1Z0N Mês atrás +6

      ​@@8-Lapis-8this will blow up im calling it

  • @alexwardlow178
    @alexwardlow178 Mês atrás

    Love this idea Grian. The training rooms definitely need a Compass Training area

  • @timweyer2237
    @timweyer2237 Mês atrás

    Decked Out is super fun to watch, and this video was super fun too! Please keep doing what you do!

  • @joelstoner
    @joelstoner Mês atrás

    I want to see all the Hermits try the practice area at least once. Yes even Etho and Hypno.

  • @LoZazaReverse
    @LoZazaReverse Mês atrás

    awesome stuff!! love how hermits are taking part in building around the dungeon

  • @0v1d3os4ever5
    @0v1d3os4ever5 Mês atrás +1

    Yes there's a new life series!!! I've been waiting for another for AGES!!! 🎉🎉🎉 Wonder what the theme will be? 💚💛❤️

  • @abandoned_project
    @abandoned_project Mês atrás +732

    I was watching in the shower and my speaker ran out of battery and I could barely hear the video because of the water, so I turned on my subtitles and realised they're really well done. Like when someone is speaking it says the person who's speaking, it's so well done, and I have a lot of respect for it. It opens up the door for an audience who's BRclip is pretty limited and I love that. Well done pesky bird.

    • @metoothaanks
      @metoothaanks Mês atrás +86

      Yes I agree! Grian has the best CC I’ve seen on BRclip. The names and the different colors for each person! I wish this was the standard

    • @Cabbagehater21
      @Cabbagehater21 Mês atrás +23

      Tom Scott has very good ones too

    • @novelle.27
      @novelle.27 Mês atrás +20

      How are you able to watch BRclip in the shower? I’d just worry about my phone getting wet.

    • @candlesm
      @candlesm Mês atrás +2

      @@novelle.27is your phone not waterproof?

    • @novelle.27
      @novelle.27 Mês atrás +8

      @@candlesm I’m not sure. I always assumed they weren’t.

  • @adam029
    @adam029 Mês atrás

    Loving all the decked out content from all the Hermits! More decked out please!

  • @drygyn
    @drygyn Mês atrás

    Add some extra tall fences around that stairway section - so Jellie doesn't jump off and hurt themselves.

  • @sicksid3534
    @sicksid3534 Mês atrás

    Sweet episode! Love the training grounds! Wait until you get to Ravager level ;)

  • @TheChunkyClouds
    @TheChunkyClouds Mês atrás

    Im sure the others will appreciate your efforts here, excellent work! Please relax though cause i feel tension, youre a baller G. My guy!

  • @Hlebuw3k
    @Hlebuw3k Mês atrás

    For actual backrooms, I found it fitting to use Brown Mushroom Blocks as the floor, Bamboo Planks as the bottom layer of the walls, Stripped Bamboo as the rest of the walls, and Stripped Birch with Ochre Froglights as the ceiling and lamps, Quartz Blocks as the turned off lamp variants.

  • @stormerplayson
    @stormerplayson Mês atrás +817

    it's actually insane all of decked out was made in survival minecraft, sure they have some custom assets, but even without those to set the mood it's still an absolutely stunning creation

    • @ahmed4363
      @ahmed4363 Mês atrás +71

      The only thing custom assets adds is proper textures for the cards instead of books in DO1 and proper card calling and ambiance instead of noteblock tines

  • @ecohen2010
    @ecohen2010 Mês atrás

    Decked out heavy episodes are fine. Keep them coming. Excited for the new life series too..

    @HIGHPL3X Mês atrás

    Man you are such a good builder I always take inspiration from you and you give me great ideas to add to my hardcore world.

  • @mtbrocket
    @mtbrocket Mês atrás

    Great video. 😊 You need airlock corrals where you can leed the critters in when it is time for maintenance. 😊

  • @simpson6700
    @simpson6700 Mês atrás

    if you wanted to mimic portal you should've used quartz and polished deepslate, they have these very portal square tiles, also polished deepslate has the horizontal lines that are very much like the black surfaces in portal 2

  • @agustinvictoria6414
    @agustinvictoria6414 Mês atrás +1

    You should hide the entrance and make it so that if you eat a chorus fruit there is a chance you teleport into the backrooms

  • @rileyjoyly3950
    @rileyjoyly3950 Mês atrás +416

    Now I'm thinking of an animatic with Grian being mad at Jellie the cat instead of the ravager 🤣

    • @Questerer
      @Questerer Mês atrás +35

      I can already see Scar use the Panda to Jellie texture pack for ravagers.

    • @Keldor314
      @Keldor314 Mês atrás +17

      Hopefully we'll get to see Scar using the backrooms. I can just imagine it now: "No Jellie! NOO! Oh, no, not you, Jellie, you're being good, but it's not dinner time for another 15 minutes. No! Jellie! Stop!"

    • @aidanscholl4647
      @aidanscholl4647 Mês atrás +4

      @@Keldor314 I can just hear him saying that lolllll

    • @memesforthememegoddess-hc7qo
      @memesforthememegoddess-hc7qo Mês atrás +3

      I read this in scar’s voice lol

  • @trevorwanjau55
    @trevorwanjau55 Mês atrás

    I wasn't expecting to learn about drowns, but it was fun! You make learning the littlest things fun.

  • @another_jt
    @another_jt Mês atrás

    Love the training area, all it's missing is compass practice

  • @TheDarkLadyOfTheNight

    I'm loving seeing all the decked out content, keep it up!

  • @andeAi9820
    @andeAi9820 Mês atrás +1

    haha maybe the real skill issue was the lack of practice all along:)
    Really like the idea of a practice-backrooms-lab build - I'm sure it will help a you and a lot of people improve at the game. Wishing you all the best for phase 4!!
    on a side note, the way you treat Jellie the Ravager as a pet was wholesome

  • @niaswift
    @niaswift Mês atrás +1

    17:14 I thought he was going to name him "You are the worst!" and I'm kinda sad that he didn't... Would've been really funny seeing hermits' reactions and then Grian explaining "No, he's the worst, not you!"

  • @DarkRevolution
    @DarkRevolution Mês atrás +900

    Surprisingly, The Ravenger chasing Grian into the backrooms is pretty wholesome.
    Normally something chasing you into the backrooms is not the case.

  • @8thy
    @8thy Mês atrás +1

    Such a good idea I feel like this is something I’d require myself it’s tricky learning how to dodge. Might help to add multiple entrances to the rooms so you don’t get stuck also with a ravager at your front door but yeah. Also nice teaser at the end hehe.

  • @newwavepop
    @newwavepop Mês atrás

    got to love that the Citadel has so much free space inside of it still.

  • @braxtonrenfro9029
    @braxtonrenfro9029 Mês atrás

    Such a good idea Grian! Love the training rooms

  • @quinnlightfoot
    @quinnlightfoot Mês atrás

    Like how one build (decked out) can inspire other builds. Whether that be the hermits cubbies or the queue room or pearl and gems path or even this training room.

  • @maverickmeyers8980
    @maverickmeyers8980 Mês atrás

    We all love the decked out and compared to some of the other hermits, you're doing pretty well

  • @sammyisanoctopus
    @sammyisanoctopus Mês atrás +478

    It might be beneficial to have a training area for dealing with underwater magma blocks. Some hermits are getting stuck on them, and kinda panicking, so they're taking damage and getting trapped because they're trying to swim up. You can't swim up off of a magma block--it pulls you down and you take damage if you're not shifting.

    • @MrMoon-hy6pn
      @MrMoon-hy6pn Mês atrás +25

      I think that’s less of a skill related thing and more of a pressure issue. I doubt hermits would normally struggle with getting out of a bubble column like they would with evading tridents or ravagers but the high stakes environment gets to them. So I don’t think they could gain much from practising that in the backrooms.

    • @maravatne7275
      @maravatne7275 Mês atrás +14

      So many times I've yell "Just crouch and you'll be fine!!!!" They freak out because of the damage and the eventual drowning even without other threats. I know they know to crouch but they don't and it hurts my soul lol

    • @sammyisanoctopus
      @sammyisanoctopus Mês atrás +19

      @@MrMoon-hy6pn I get that, but that's part of what training is for--so that when the panic response hits, your training kicks in. It's not just about practicing skills, it's about creating a pathway for the brain to follow when the adrenaline and fight or flight response freezes out critical thinking in favor of survival.

    • @MoonyFBM
      @MoonyFBM Mês atrás

      @@MrMoon-hy6pn That's literally the point of practising, so stressful enviourments and situations won't get to you. You literally just crouch and slide away, they need to practise to not panic and forget that.

  • @taracinablue1459
    @taracinablue1459 Mês atrás

    Nice! I bet those training rooms will see plenty of use =)

  • @qocket
    @qocket Mês atrás +3

    Grian, don't worry about the amount of decked out videos you've posted, you've only put out 3 on the main channel, and decked out is so entertaining to watch!

  • @fahriagung129
    @fahriagung129 Mês atrás +1

    8:30 Should the roof also be lighted because that could possibly give mobs to spawn?

  • @rogerdickerson6390
    @rogerdickerson6390 Mês atrás

    You should put a clock in with The Worst so you can tell if you're doing daytime vs. nighttime training

  • @tonygamer4310
    @tonygamer4310 Mês atrás

    something I'd recommend trying, see if you can dodge the drowned by weaving up and down. By doing that, you'd dodge him even if you don't know where he is, which seems to be what kills a lot of people, not knowing where he is before diving in

  • @jcofortco
    @jcofortco Mês atrás +252

    Lol surprised Tango ok with the pool due to understandable fear of damage to redstone throughout the workings of DO2!

    • @TheRayzerBandit
      @TheRayzerBandit Mês atrás +15

      The area he built over probably has limited red-stone below it. I dont see tango giving the ok for a pool if crucial red-stone was below.

    • @Fyrefrye
      @Fyrefrye Mês atrás +28

      I think Tango should cover the underside of Grian's pool in obsidian... just in case...

    • @WackoMcGoose
      @WackoMcGoose Mês atrás +15

      I still would've done an outer shell of obsidian on the "outside" of the poolrooms (and the river areas) to be safe in case of "oops misclicked and instamined a block".

    • @fashnek
      @fashnek Mês atrás +15

      Tango has already given the OK for water a few times in the past. He expects people to be smart and careful but is prepared to fix things.

    • @ranie7350
      @ranie7350 Mês atrás +2

      May i remind you what the pool represents, thats in the dungeon.

  • @jaxon3186
    @jaxon3186 Mês atrás

    please do separate videos where you stream all of your runs because they are very entertaining!

  • @justafella-ls6ri
    @justafella-ls6ri 25 dias atrás +2

    I’d recommend building a conduit in the drowned area for quality of life

  • @kylekirkparick426
    @kylekirkparick426 Mês atrás

    Decked out is the bomb, I understand that literally every hermit has been waiting for this. The idea behind this video is so creative. Overkill by 3.5 miles / 5 kilomerts. But interesting to watch.